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    The Health Benefits of Green Rooibos Tea

    It is usually said that green Rooibos tea has greater health benefits than the red variety. The main reason is because it has more antioxidants than the red one. But first of all, what is green Rooibos anyway?

    Rooibos is local to Africa, especially to South Africa. While it has been enjoyed for many years by the locals as a nice tasting tea, it has recently become popular all over the world once it has been found that Rooibos contains antioxidants which greatly help with enhancing the health of people.

    Harvesting red Rooibos includes a process called fermentation. Unfortunately this is an oxidation process so the final result will have less antioxidants than the green variety which is not fermented at all. Basically as soon as the plant is cut, the natural fermentation process is terminated, so the tea that is created from this plant will have more health inducing properties overall. For example it is said to contain not only more anti-oxidants but also more minerals flavonoids and nutrients in general.

    Some of the main health benefits that green Rooibos is giving us are anti-allergic, anti-viral as well as anti-spasmodic. In addition, the fact that it does not contain any caffeine at all makes it a preferred beverage among the non-coffee drinkers who tend to avoid teas with a higher concentration of caffeine.

    If you are worried about your skin, the green type of the plant also contains alpha-hydroxy acids which usually helps with clearing the zits and pimples from the skin.

    Some additional health benefits of green Rooibos tea that have been proven to help with health are:

    • Lowers cholesterol as well as high blood pressure
    • Relieves stomach pains, acid burns and generally indigestion
    • Helps with slowing down the aging process as it is said to destroy free radicals that are so harmful to us
    • Helps with making the immune system stronger overall
    • Stabilizes blood sugar levels which aids diabetic patients

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