The Health Risks of Poor Sleep
by John MacNamara
both your health and well being.

For one thing, studies have shown that not getting enough sleep is often linked to
weight problems. The human body includes two hormones known as leptin and
grehlin, which contribute to either weight loss or gain, depending on the levels. While
grehlin is responsible for making you feel hungry, leptin gives you that sensation of
being full. When you don't get proper rest, the grehlin level increases while the leptin
decreases; therefore, you are going to feel hungry and unsatisfied no matter how
much you eat. As a result you continue to fill your stomach until you gain weight,
perhaps reaching the obesity rank.

You will also find yourself far too drowsy to function properly. Lifting something even
a little heavy, like a television remote control or dinner plate, will feel as though it
weights a thousand pounds. You will become awkward and impaired to the point of
being useless in most situations. If you nod off while driving, a deadly collision with a
tree, pole, or another car could easily occur.

Not convinced yet? Then consider the fact that inadequate sleep can also heighten or
cause depression. You may have noticed that you or someone you know may
become grumpy if one or two days without slumber occurs. So when the number of
days increase, it will of course get worse. The mood of the victim becomes more
dramatic, more irritable, to where everything is a miserable experience.

Other health risks can include hypertension, memory loss, lack of concentration,
nausea, dizziness, and a sea of other examples. Ergo, the next time you think you
can survive on three hours a night, perhaps it's time to reevaluate. Staying in good
health is important for everyone, and it simply isn't worth the risk just to have a
night on the town.

About The Author

John MacNamera is a popular health and fitness writer who specializes in sleep
related products. John is currently looking into My Snoring Solution to see if the
product can really end snoring or if the claims of a "
Scam" are
actually true. John has also researched
to see how its formula can help
people have deeper more restful nights. When John is not writing or researching he
enjoys spending time with his family in the Idaho wilderness.
In a society where its citizens are
expected to take in as many busying
activities as they can every day,
naturally, some things have to be
moved around or eliminated to
accommodate this. To many, sleep is
the most obvious thing that they can
afford to give up. Why sleep? Well,
why not? Instead of getting a full
night of rest, you could be finishing an
essay, baking brownies for your
child's class at school, or hopping
from dance club to dance club
downtown. What many people don't
seem to realize is that a lack of sleep
could have serious repercussions on
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