The History of Tea: Health and Healing Properties
by Jon M. Stout
indeed a source of health and contains legitimate healing properties.

Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world, second only to
water, and in many parts of the world, green and black teas are mass produced from
the plant Camilla Sinensis. Because of the way the beverage is brewed, it is also one
of the safest beverages made on the planet. This is because it is made with boiling
water until it is sterile. It is this process that eradicates just about every type of
bacteria or virus commonly found in water.

For centuries, tea has not only helped promote health, it also has served as a as a
social outlet (tea time), battlefield sedative (the British for years served their wounded
tea on the battle field as a way to calm them), and has played a major role in at least
one revolution (the Boston Tea Party).

Pirates used to raid tea ships and bounties were put on these pirates’ heads,
sometimes even surpassing the bounties placed on pirates that raided gold and silver
ships. Rumor has it that this beverage was so popular in England and the colonies that
during the American War for Independence, tea was still served in many of the
thirteen colonies under a collection of aliases.

Throughout this time, however, tea was also believed to possess qualities that
promoted good health and it was believed that tea could help a sick or injured person
heal. For centuries, this was merely attributable to antidotal experience, with no
scientific foundation on which to base those beliefs. Recently, however, detailed
research done by an array of colleges, universities, and research centers have focused
on teas positive properties.

Japan and China initially carried out the lion-share of this research, which primarily
focused on their tea-of-choice: green tea. Europe and the United States, though,
have begun to get in on the act, focusing on green and black tea and the results have
been nothing short of astounding.

Not only have many of the alleged healthful properties been certified, researchers
have also identified other, previously unknown qualities of tea that have proven that
the beverage possesses qualities that can fight cancer, ward off tumors, and prevent
the introduction of free radicals into the body.

This results of these tests indicated that because teas possess a high level of the
antioxidant tea polyphenols, it is a great disease fighter. Research has shown that not
only can tea fight cancer and ward off tumors and other defects; it also is can reduce
the risk of heart disease.

As researchers have discovered these properties, they also have been able to map
out the chemical composition of tea and pinpoint what they believe are the critical
properties of this near wonder-drug.

These findings have allowed researchers to begin to understand what makes tea so
effective in healing and promoting health. The most productive tests have come in the
form of multi-disciplinary approaches, which consider data from epidemiology and field
studies, laboratory tests in animals and historical accounts that are compared to
current testing results. Researchers have tested tea against many different ailments
and the results have shown that it is one of the most effective methods that a person
can employ to ensure that they are able to adequately fight against any of these
sicknesses. The jury, however, is still out, as tea’s potential is only just now beginning
to be understood.

About The Author

Jon M. Stout is the Chairman of the Golden Moon Tea Company. Golden Moon Tea
carefully selects the finest rare and orthodox teas, which are processed slowly and
handcrafted with extreme care. At their website, you can learn more about their
current tea offerings, including their exceptional green tea, white tea, black tea, oolong
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For more than 4000 years now,
tea has been a faithful staple in
many cultures and countries
around the world. Used as a
sustaining liquid for those
suffering from infectious disease,
there are many believers who
have always asserted that tea
holds powerful healing properties.
In some cases, they believe that
tea can actually cure ailments
and sickness. New emerging
studies are elevating these
assumptions from myth to
scientific reality, providing
significant evidence that tea is
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