The Link Between ADHD and Depression - Important Facts
You Need to Know  
by Laura Ramirez
makes diagnosis even murkier. If your doctor diagnoses depression with ADHD, it will
be necessary to take a more complex route to treatment in order to achieve long
term results.

In the case of both ADHD and depression, the initial form of treatment is usually
prescription medication. However, each condition requires a different form of
medication and what works for one may actually contribute to the other, making it
difficult to get optimal results. Most antidepressants will dull an individual's reactions,
which in turn can simply mask the symptoms of ADHD.

There have been several forms of treatment developed in the last several years
which offer considerable hope to individuals diagnosed with depression with ADHD.
Among these are various forms of therapy as well as natural remedies. These
treatments, while still fighting to be accepted across the board, offer a more
complete approach which can address the symptoms of both conditions.

What makes natural remedies so effective is the fact that they are designed to target
the underlying cause of the condition rather than just the surface symptoms. This
makes a distinct difference because both ADHD and depression are triggered by
impaired brain function. By using specific herbs and other plant based ingredients
which help to balance neurotransmitters and restore proper brain function, natural
remedies can effectively treat both conditions.

Therapy has been equally helpful. Behavioral therapy can allow individuals with ADHD
to control their reactions and change their approach to various situations. Relaxation
techniques can help depressed patients to combat stress and ease anxiety. In cases
of depression with ADHD, a combination of therapeutic approaches can make a
significant difference.

Taking natural supplements and making small changes to the diet is an effective way
of dealing with ADHD and depression There are several foods known to trigger
specific reactions in the brain and limiting these can help to ease symptoms of both
conditions. Also, getting a properly balanced diet which includes all the necessary
vitamins and minerals will help to ensure proper brain function. The importance of a
good diet cannot be stressed enough. Equally important is getting plenty of exercise
and the proper amount of sleep as both can directly affect brain function.

Diagnosing ADHD can be a tricky proposition, especially when other conditions are
present, but the first step toward successful treatment is getting a clear idea of
exactly what you are dealing with. Make sure you consult with your doctor and that
you are both on the same page and don't forget to consider all of your options for
treatment. With the right approach you can control
and get
back to living your life.

About The Author

Laura Ramirez has done extensive research on treating ADHD naturally. To learn
more, go to

She is also the author of the award-winning parenting book, Keepers of the Children:
Native American Wisdom and Parenting which teaches parents how to raise kids to
develop their unique strengths and talents.
ADHD and depression are inextricably
linked because the two conditions
share many symptoms. But they are
two separate and distinct conditions
and treatment for each can be very
different, so it is imperative that you
get a proper diagnosis before you
start treatment in order to ensure
that you are getting exactly the help
you need.

Particularly in adults, it can be difficult
to accurately diagnose ADHD as it
can often be mistaken for depression.
In fact, the two conditions can be
present together as well, which
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