The Liver-Alzheimer's Connection
by Dr. Ronald Blankstein
forgotten name are a sign of early Alzheimer's.

You might wonder -- what you can do to protect yourself from the memory loss and
mental decline that so many experience?

Here's some fascinating new research: Take better care of your liver.

Clear Out Alzheimer Toxins

Alzheimer's disease is caused in part by amyloid-beta, a naturally occurring peptide.
These peptides lodge in your brain and create tangled plaques that affect your
memory, you clarity, and your overall function

Researchers from the University of Washington wanted to better understand how
amyloid-beta in the bloodstream affects the levels in the brain. They used rats for the
study. The researchers inhibited the liver from removing the peptides from the
bloodstream. As the peptide levels in the blood rose, so did the levels in the brain. (1)

The researchers concluded that when the amyloid-beta levels of the blood rise, it
interferes with your brain's ability to remove the peptides. When amyloid-beta levels
in the blood fall, the brain is able to transfer more of these dangerous peptides into
the blood, away from where they can do harm. (2) The key here is a healthy liver
that will remove amyloid-beta from the blood. Then the brain can better protect itself.

The Key to a Healthy Liver

Your liver needs specifi c nutrients to do its job.

Glutathione is found in every cell of your body. It works as a powerful antioxidant. It
also binds with toxic molecules from drugs, alcohol, and pollutants and helps you liver
eliminate them.

Not surprisingly, early research shows that healthy glutathione levels can delay the
onset of Alzheimer's disease. (3) This fi nding was not initially well understood, but in
light of the role the liver plays on regulating amyloid-beta, it makes sense.

Supplementing with glutathione is diffi cult because it cannot withstand the digestive
process. There's a good alternative, though. You can supplement with n-acetyl-
cysteine (NAC), an amino acid that catalyzes glutathione production in your liver.

You can take 500 mg of NAC three times a day without side affects. (4) If you plan
to take NAC on an ongoing basis, it's a good idea to combine it with an amino acid
complex. This helps you to maintain a good balance of amino acids. Also make sure
your multiple vitamin contains copper because NAC can slightly deplete your copper

This new research shows it's important to take good care of your liver in order to
keep your brain healthy and sharp. A healthy liver will also give you the added benefi
ts of more energy and a better immune system.

It's important to discuss changes to your diet, exercise, or supplements with your
doctor fi rst. Next week, find out how something as simple as how many times you
chew your food can make a difference to your health. See you next week!


  1. "Peripheral Amyloid-β Levels Regulate Amyloid-β Clearance from the Central Nervous System,"
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About The Author

Dr. Blankstein has been practicing for over 30 years as a leading Cardiologist. Trained
in traditional medicine and Board Certified in both Internal Medicine and
Cardiovascular Disease, he knows the importance of good medical care. This
consideration has allowed him to discover safe and natural ways of healing. His
dedication to bringing the latest and best in health solutions to his patients and the
public has given him the experience to research and develop proven natural remedies
for many illnesses.

© 2009
Alzheimer's - perhaps our most
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Here's some valuable information on
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