The Many Benefits of Restful Sleep
by Michael Rupkalvis
clinical observation have shown that regularly getting a good night's sleep reduces
and prevents depression. The brain does not quit working, even while we're sleeping
- it just works on a different level. In the sleep mode, the brain works out problems
and makes new connections that it is too distracted and busy to do in the waking
state. A number of problems find resolution while you are sleeping. But an insufficient
amount of sleep, if not properly treated, may lead to depression.

It is also shocking how many people these days don't seem to make the common
sense connection between restful sleep and daytime energy levels. While you are
sleeping, your brain relaxes so that it can form connections and integrate new
information subconsciously. During sleep, the brain does not get as depleted of
energy as fast as it does when one is awake and trying to juggle taking in new
information with processing the old. People generally don't know that much more
rest is necessary for the mind than for the body.

Due to the increased energy stemming from getting enough restful sleep, it is normal
to have another great benefit: a steady balanced emotional state of being which
helps your mood remain positive throughout the day. With the mind feeling
rejuvenated and refreshed by sufficient sleep, one feels that one can take on any
trouble or overcome any obstacle.

People who get enough sleep tend to be healthier and have stronger immune
systems. A good night's sleep makes us revitalized for the next day, whether it's
things we do automatically or things we have to think about. Your systems in the
brain which run and regulate processes on an automatic basis - digestive, metabolic,
respiratory and cardiac processes - will operate more efficiently due to the entire
brain functioning better and should result in a person being less susceptible to

Furthermore, studies have proven that in people who get plenty of sleep, their body's
cells are regenerated and refreshed at a quicker rate. All the functions of the
subconscious brain becomes rejuvenated while we sleep.

When people get the proper amount sleep needed for their body, they will find that
not only do they experience health benefits, but also they feel at peace, happier, and
more physically attractive.

So why don't a lot more people enjoy these benefits of sleep? Part of the reason is
because we, as a society, don't really value sleep. Our cultural attitude tells us to "go,
go, go", to work harder and longer, and that "sleep is for the dead". But in truth,
restful and sufficient sleep is a crucial component in living a balanced, healthy and full

About The Author

Michael Rupkalvis operates the LifeFormulas website, which offers a unique blog
about his day-to-day activities with ITV Ventures' many health-related products. One
of the health supplements he sells through that business is
, which is
a unique sleeping product that can help resolve insomnia issues, so that we all enjoy
the benefits of a good night's sleep.
Research shows that many people
today don't get enough restful sleep.
The benefits of sleep are many, but in
modern time's people often see sleep
as something they don't really need a
lot of, or as something they can just
catch up on later.

The majority of people need 6-8
hours of peaceful sleep every night to
maintain optimal health.

There are many benefits that go with
getting sufficient sleep.

For one thing, both research and
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