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    The Many Manuka Honey Benefits Review by every Nutrient

    The Many Manuka Honey Benefits

    Manuka honey benefits everyone who eats it. Made from special flowers from New Zealand, this honey has historically been known for its medicinal characteristics. What makes this particular honey unique? It’s the antibacterial qualities that aren’t found in any other honeys.

    This tasty honey can be used for both internal and external health conditions. Reports have been published touting the value of Manuka honey UMF 16 in clearing up infections from lesions. UMF means Unique Manuka Factor. This measures the antibacterial component found in the honey and is the only way to discover and calculate the honey’s antibacterial strength. A UMF is always followed by a number, with 10 being the minimum level endorsed by the Honey Research Unit at the University of Waikato, 16 and over are considered the best levels.

    Manuka honey benefits include being able to care for the following ailments: acid reflux, diarrhea, ulcers, gastritis, heartburn, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, and an upset stomach. Dealing with these symptoms is as easy as taking one teaspoon of it on a cracker or a piece of bread or toast four times a day.

    There are also some external problems for which this honey can be used. These include: bed sores, burns, foot and leg sores, open wounds, scars, skin ulcers and infections. You simply apply the honey to a fresh gauze pad, place it over the affected area, and change the bandage twice a day.

    One other of the Manuka honey benefits is that it is all natural and comes from a clean, green location that is free from pollutants. It offers an inexpensive, natural alternative to pharmaceuticals with no side effects having ever been reported.

    Once you try it, you’ll soon be telling everyone about the New Zealand Manuka honey benefits.

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