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    The Milk Thistle Liver Healer – Does it Really Work?

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    For over 2000 years, milk thistle has been used to help with digestion and as a treatment for various ailments. It is most commonly know in modern times as a supplement that can be taken to improve the liver function and help with liver problems. But is there really such a thing as a milk thistle liver healer, or is it all a myth?

    The milk thistle is a member of the sunflower family, and has the ability to stimulate the flow of bile from the liver.

    It is the stimulation of the bile that is thought to account for its effectiveness in treating liver problems and ailments and for aiding digestion.

    More modern research has supported these findings, and seems to agree with the idea that milk thistle does help to protect the liver from damage, and has the ability to help heal any damage to the liver that may have already been done.

    There are a number of doctors in Europe that prescribe milk thistle plant as a treatment for liver disorders, including a range from cirrhosis to hepatitis.

    Milk thistles botanical name is silybum marianum, and its active ingredient is silymarin. It grows in many locations around the world including North America, in both “domestic” and wild varieties and is typically harvested in late summer.

    Milk Thistle is mostly associated with treating liver problems, but it has also shown great promise in treating gallstones, allergies, high cholesterol and even skin cancer. It is a powerful antioxidant, which explains the protective and healing powers of the herb.

    Modern physicians also use an intravenous form of milk thistle as an antidote for people who have consumed poisonous mushrooms, and the extract of the milk thistle has been studied to identify its effect on liver damage that often results from chemotherapy.

    Milk thistle has been attributed with the ability to speed up the disposal of toxins from the body, which is due to the beneficial effects it has on the liver and the increased bile secretion it causes.

    When looking to buy milk thistle extracts it is important to look for standardized extracts, and to buy from only established and reputable companies.

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