The Power of Antioxidants
by Karen Myton
a few.

Some findings indicate that people who are low in antioxidants are more likely to
develop arthritis and other diseases than those consuming higher amounts. Good
sources of antioxidants are salmon, legumes, extra lean meat, leafy vegetables and
colorful fruits.

Another important nutrient, the catechin shows they work well together with
antioxidants, have fat burning and antibacterial qualities. In nature there are always
numerous nutrients working together, and we are just scratching the surface
deciphering those combinations. One thing is certain, you can never get too much of a
good thing when it comes to antioxidants.

Supplements Are Necessary

Many dietary authorities agree we need to supplement with antioxidants. CoQ10 is
one vitamin like supplement manufactured naturally in your body, but it's never
enough to combat the amount of free radicals you're exposed to every day. Because
of this daily free radical load, your best defense is to take antioxidants as a
supplement as your food doesn't provide enough.

Vitamin E has been an extremely popular antioxidant vitamin in recent years. Alpha-
tocopherol is traditionally recognized as the most active form of vitamin E. It's a fat-
soluble vitamin in eight forms which is a much more powerful combination compared
to any single form of Vitamin E. Vitamin C is important for the function of the immune
system, tissue repair, and is also an antioxidant. It has been found that vitamin C can
reduce cold symptoms because of its antiviral and antioxidant effects. Vitamin A is an
antioxidant necessary for good vision and has also been shown to have a protective
effect against cancer.

The Powerful Antioxidant List

With this list of powerful antioxidants you can choose one or more to suit your budget
and taste.

Which One is Best?

Of all the available antioxidants, Mangosteen seems to hold the most promise.
Originally from South East Asia, Mangosteen is a highly revered botanical and the
most expensive fruit at the market when it comes in season. It is used to combat
numerous ailments by local Physicians and is the most prominent medicine in most
Doctors kits there. Mangosteen can be found in a few health food stores but only one
company makes the a puree with the whole fruit.

To get the full benefit from Mangosteen the juice must be made with the whole fruit,
otherwise it's healing potential is about the same as apple juice. There is one nutrient
in Mangosteen that is not available anywhere else, the Xanthone. Keep your eyes and
ears open for that nutrient... Xanthone. You'll be hearing more about it soon enough.

About The Author

Karen Myton discovered good health by accident in the early 80's when she was first
introduced to Aloe Vera. Health benefits were apparent right away, and 4 years later
the results of a good immune system saved her life. In early 2006 she found that Aloe
Vera had a super nutrient called a Xanthone. Imagine her surprise when at the same
time, she discovered another Botanical source with 43 Xanthones! Wow... just
imagine what 43 Xanthones can do!!

*** Xanthones... The Super Star of Antioxidants ***
Discover why people are raving about Xanthones...
The most powerful Antioxidants known to Science.
Antioxidants are becoming some
of the most researched
substances in health circles these
days for good reason. They
seem to be responsible for better
quality of life, more energy,
clearer skin, even tales of
slowing the aging process. When
free radicals and antioxidants are
out of balance problems arise.
Eating more dark-green, leafy
vegetables, carrots, yellow and
red fruits are strongly
recommended. Some examples
of antioxidant are Vitamins C, E,
and Beta Carotene, to name just
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