The Pregnancy Headache and Its Causes
by Michael Russell
and women alike. It is not exactly known why or how a pregnancy affects the
severity of these headaches, but there are many theories. One idea is that lack of
sleep in and increased stress or excitement are both direct contributing factors.

Not only are the hormones running wild, but also the body itself is growing at a quick
pace that has not occurred since childhood. The mother's organs are being squished
against the growing fetus and weight gain is inevitable. This rapid change will affect
the way she will be able to do normal activities.

A simple feat of lying down to rest or nap is even difficult during pregnancy, especially
as the fetus grows. If the baby's sleeping schedule differs from the mother's she may
have a difficult time sleeping with an active baby inside. Because she is unable to get
a full night's sleep, or assume a comfortable position, these pregnancy headaches
may increase in both frequency and severity.

While it is wise to avoid even over the counter medications while pregnant, taking
Tylenol, Advil, or any other pain relief medication should be safe as long as the
instructions are followed. If unsure a physician may be consulted. You can also try to
locate the cause of your headache. If it is a headache caused by stress, do not take
the medication for headache cause by sinus. If persistent headaches or migraines
occur, it is best to speak directly to the doctor. You also should take extra care if you
are suffering from serious illness, such as hypertension or diabetes. Don't take any
over the counter medications without consulting your physician.

It is always better to prevent than cure the illness. Avoid food items that are known
to trigger headaches. These could be chocolates, MSG (Monosodium Glutamate),
cheese and spicy foods. Lack of sleep, stress, depression, dehydration and hunger
are also known as potential culprits that can cause headache. Eat lots of fresh
vegetables and fruits, eat a balanced diet and have a good positive attitude toward
yourself. This may avoid the occurrence of headache.

Fortunately for most pregnant women, the occurrence of headaches tend to lessen
or even disappear during the second trimester. This could be explained by the fact
that the hormones have stabilized and the body has adjusted to its altered chemistry.

Despite the discomfort and headaches, a pregnancy is a fulfilling experience that a
woman will treasure for the rest of her life. And after all, when you meet that little
baby, it will all have been well worth it.

About The Author

Michael Russell Your Independent guide to Headaches
When a woman is pregnant, her body
is undergoing a traumatic change that
causes a lot of stress, both mental
and physical, as well as many
ailments such as morning sickness,
backaches and headaches. Many
symptoms of these ailments are
tolerable while others inhibit the entire
day, like morning sickness.

Hormone levels rise and fall radically
during a pregnancy and therefore
headaches may occur more
frequently and intensely. Typically,
these headaches are much like a
tension headache that affects men
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