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    The Truth Behind Tahitian Noni Juice

    Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years you’ve probably at some point heard of the phrase tahitian noni juice. A seemingly obscure drink from a foreign island there has been much confusion over the purpose and actual nature of this supposed miracle formula.

    Basically tahitian noni juice is said by its founders to be a miracle health compound. It is said to assist people with a wide variety of symptoms such as high blood pressure, arthritis and digestive problems as well as generally promoting overall health.

    Noni Juice itself is derived from the noni fruit that has been found on a number of tropical islands such as hawaii and others in the French Polynesia region such as Tahiti. Claims are that islanders have been prescribed the noni fruit as a cure for many diseases for centuries before modern science stumbled upon this special compound.

    Tahitian Noni juice has been developed by a complicated scientific procedure and is not merely the result of the extraction of the juices of this plant. In actual fact the true juice of the Noni plant are highly acidic and are not fit for human consumption. The juice has undergone a process of extraction, and purification to rid it of dangerous and unpalatable chemicals and so is ready and in fact pleasant for consumption.

    So how does this noni stuff work? What’s the miracle ingredient?

    The seemingly otherworldly benefits of tahitian noni juice come from an ingredient called minora citrifolia. Minora citrifolia contains the all important compound called proxeronine which when digested into the body combines with proxeroninase to form xeronine. This is where the magic occurs. Xeronine is an agent called an alkaloid that is naturally occurring in the body of humans and animals that helps to regulate protein formations within the human body. Since proteins comprise a large majority of our physical structure, the ability to regulate proteins by reforming new cell tissue and repairing damaged tissues. It is the repair of these tissues that leads to an overall boosting of the bodies immune system and an increased ability to recover from injuries and illness. Not only that it is said to increase energy levels day to day and boost mental and physical performance.

    Tahitian noni juice is a mixture combined only of natural ingredients and contains no traces of laboratory manufactured chemicals, so it causes no side effects within the human body. There is however a very special manner in which noni is required to be taken for it to yield the maximum benefits. Directions should be carefully followed as to its intended usage.

    If you are looking for an overall health supplement to give you an extra kick of energy or help ward off the myriad of health issues that come even with graceful ageing, tahitian noni juice may well be worth a look.

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