The Ultimate Raw Diet Food - Coconut
by Meadow Summers
aware of the nutritional benefits of coconuts and the opaque, slightly sweet liquid it
contains, but it is only in recent years that coconut water has gained popularity as a
natural sport's drink.

The water of the coconut is rich in electrolytes that replenish the body after exercise
and can keep it cool by maintaining proper body temperature. In fact, coconut water
can raise metabolism, boost the immune system, fight viruses, cleanse the digestive
tract, promote weight loss, treat kidney stones, control diabetes and improve
circulation in the blood.

Many popular beverage companies are in development with coconut water products
that will soon hit the market. Its naturally sweet, light flavor needs no doctoring or
additives. Be certain when considering products to avoid ones that contain
unnecessary additives. There are products available, such as Zico, that do not
contain anything but the pure product.

The coconut as a whole is a versatile food. It is low in fat, sugars and carbs. The
water and meat of the coconut are used to create a myriad of products. Even the
husk of the coconut is a popular material that can be used to create mats, brushes,
fishnet and rope. In ancient times, island natives would burn them to use them as

In the 1970s and 1980s, coconut oil was deemed an unhealthy saturated fat by the
federal government. However, current science shows that the saturated fat
contained in coconut oil is different from the saturated fats found in animal products.
It is plant-derived and has now been found to be a heart healthy oil.

Back in the 1940s, coconut water was administered to injured soldiers in the form of
emergency plasma transfusions. It has been used as an IV solution for years in third
world countries. The potent, nutritious properties of coconut water has saved many

The coconut's benefits to good health are vast. The water of the coconut has been
found more nutritious than orange juice or whole milk. It contains a substance that is
present in mother's breast milk, lauric acid, that is better for a baby than formula.
Compared to commercial sports drinks, coconut water contains more potassium,
less sodium, high levels of chloride and is lower in natural sugars.

Versatile, delicious, healthful and full of nutrients - the coconut, as a
deserves the recognition it beginning to receive.

About The Author

Meadow Summers

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, I completely changed my lifestyle,
dropped almost 50 pounds and began a regimen of complementary treatments to
support my immune system and get my body healthy again. It is one year later and I
am feeling great. Please visit my website. There you will find lots of

information and health tips.
Back in 1555, the coconut first
appeared in English literature. The
Spanish and Portuguese named the
coconut from the word "coco" which
means "monkey face." The three
round indents on the coconut were
thought to mirror a monkey's face.
Whole coconuts were used as a
currency until the start of the 20th
century on the Nicobar Islands.
Coconuts are the largest known
seeds, unlike their name implies, they
are not nuts.

The liquid part of the coconut is called
coconut water. Many have been
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