The Unique Benefits of Pure Active Manuka Honey
by Mike St-John

The methods used by Manuka honey producers to extract the honey, differs by the
unconventional ways of storing the product. Each batch location is clearly identified
and stored in drum containers, where they wait for the almost magical property of
UMF to gain value in strength.

There are a lot of mysteries about finding out what actually is going on in the honey
when they are stored in those drums. During storage the honey in these drums could
double and triple in value.

The term UMF, stands for "Unique Manuka Factor" and this particular factor is based
on unique antibacterial properties that give this product the potential to be a lot
better than other honeys.

The value factor of the honey is inspected by laboratory experts who analyze the
level of activity it generates. More preponderant the diffusion of bacterial activity in
the honey, higher rated is the level of UMF.

And the price of the honey is in concordance with the value of UMF it generates.

What' s so odd about the honey, is the strength of each batch produce by the
manufacturers could vary from 0 to 20 +, without knowing why this is happening. It'
s been said that researchers are working at demystifying the reasons that are
affecting the level of UMF, but have yet to find the solution.

Researchers have also discovered the healing benefits when using this product for
gastrointestinal purposes. Patients with highly irritated intestinal tract disorder, have
recovered shortly after regularly using the product for a period of one month.

Heartburn sufferers use this product to coat and protect the esophagus from acid
reflux attacks.

The most common way to consume it, is to spread one teaspoon of Manuka honey
on a small piece of bread 20 minutes before each meal.

The recommended unique factor for acid reflux sufferers is 16+, it' s is not necessary
to buy higher level of UMF for healing your digestive system.

Eating the right food might just be the answer to your heartburn problems. And
finding the best ingredients to extinguish those burning sensations is precisely what is all about. Author and publisher Mike St-john
suggests alternative ways to cure heartburns by getting at the root of the problems
and finding ways to treat the pain with natural home made ingredients that you could
find in nearly any kitchen.

About The Author

Mike St-John

To discover the secrets of healing your heartburns problems, just go to
and .
Pure Manuka honey grows in the wild
fields of New Zealand.

Researched at the Waikato University
of New zealand for over two
decades, Dr. Peter Molan has
discovered the powerful healing
benefits of this unequaled honey.
It has become a sought-after product
for treating infections. Use in
hospitals, doctors have noticed the
unique effectiveness it provided to
patients who other wise couldn' t get
any good results at curing injuries and
infected wounds.
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