The Wheat Grass Juice Solution For Skin Problems
by Peter Hill
problems and some of the beginning steps to solving them.


Before we discuss some of the ways to benefit from drinking wheat grass juice for
skin problems, some background information should be understood. Before it
becomes a juice, it actually comes from wheat berries that are sprouted, grown and
harvested in five to seven days. Before it can be consumed, the juice is extracted
from the grass using a juicer. Since these sprouts are basically a form of wheat, they
contain a lot of fiber and help with constipation and elimination.

Benefits To The Skin

There is a long list of reasons why the living wheat grass juice is so effective. In this
context, one of the most beneficial aspects of the juice is the chlorophyll that comes
from living green leafy plants and vegetables. Chlorophyll is one of the best known
substances for cleansing and detoxifying the body, blood and organs. Adding more
chlorophyll to the diet is the best possible thing a person can do to help clear up the
skin. Nothing, not even all the minerals and vitamins in vegetables are as beneficial as
the chlorophyll.

Some Steps To Take

The following are just some of the things that are being suggested based on the
research into eczema and other skin problems. If you decide to try drinking wheat
grass juice you will want to be taking in enough of it to notice the benefits. You will
want to be taking at least one shot per day but no more then four each day. Make
sure that you drink it first thing in the morning and before meals when you have an
empty stomach. If your diet is high in dairy, meats, breads, pastas and alcohol, you
may consider going on a raw foods diet for a week or two at a time. As a bonus you
may want to do some research into the acid alkaline balance diet, vegetarian diet or
the vegan diet.

If you just begin to consume wheat grass juice on a regular basis you will start to
see the benefits very quickly. It has the effect of clearing the internal organs of the
body and soon after the skin clears up naturally. Make it a habit to drink the juice
regularly, learn about other steps you can take to manage what your body is taking
in and you will find your skin problems are a thing of the past.

About The Author

Peter Hill is an author and nutrition consultant. He runs an informational website with
a healthy recipe guide, a 12 week meal plan, smoothie nutrition and wheat grass
juicing guide. Make sure to take advantage of this and much more at
Many people who live with
bothersome skin problems like
eczema are becoming aware of the
power of wheat grass juice for
eliminating the toxins that potentially
cause various skin problems. Drinking
fresh or powdered juice can purify the
body's cells, organs, and blood as
well as restore the balance of acid
and alkaline. From where the juice
comes from, why it is so beneficial
for the skin, and what effects it can
have on eczema and other skin
problems. This article will touch on
some of the points of interest for
someone who suffers from skin
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