The Wonders of Wheatgrass
by Carol Galanty
salivating over the thought of my first shot every doesn't rank up there
with the taste of freshly squeezed orange juice, but it is no longer quite so revolting. I
suppose the last few months of being high raw (eating about 80% raw foods) has
something to do with this phenomenon. My body must be adjusting to the increase
in green vegetables so it now views wheatgrass as a welcome friend rather than foe.
I'm sure there is a much more scientific explanation, but I'm not really that interested
in finding out.

So why did I return to wheatgrass after being so turned off to it initially? I was doing
some research about the late Ann Wigmore-a pioneer in the living foods movement-
and found that wheatgrass was a primary focus of her program. She cured herself of
several debilitating ailments even returning her gray hair back to its normal shade of
brown from drinking wheatgrass everyday in addition to following a raw foods diet.
After I read the full list of this grass's benefits (click here for the complete list), I was
sold. (Okay, the gray hair reversal is what really got me).

Briefly, wheatgrass is extremely cleansing and detoxifying. It is very high in protein,
provides an incredible boost in your energy level and has been known to cure many
types of blood disorders. For myself, I was searching for a way to increase my
protein without relying on animal sources and to boost my low white blood cell
count, so I thought this would be a good thing to add into my daily routine.

It is best to take wheatgrass on an empty stomach about 20 minutes prior to eating.
I start my day with a 1 ounce shot after I drink a cup of hot water with lemon, a
morning ritual of mine which is excellent for cleansing and digestion (ie: getting things
moving along). Later in the day, I will go to a juice bar and get a 2 ounce shot,
usually prior to lunch. Freshly squeezed wheatgrass is best since all of the enzymes
are preserved, but frozen shots are sold in health food stores and are convenient to
have on hand if you do not intend to grow your own grasses and juice them yourself
or if you don't live near a juice bar. The frozen varieties are said to retain somewhere
between 30 and 80% of their enzymes depending on who you ask. Harley Matsil,
owner of Perfect Foods, claims his frozen wheatgrass (which is indoor grown) retains
80% of its enzymes. This is the brand I buy and after comparing it to a Canadian
competitor of theirs, I could definitely tell there was a difference between the indoor
and outdoor grown varieties both in taste and in how I felt directly afterwards. You
can also buy a powdered form and add it to your juices or smoothies if you find the
taste of freshly juiced wheatgrass unbearable, but this is the least effective method
since most of the enzymes are not preserved in this form.

It is advisable to work your way up gradually from 1 to 6 ounces a day. Many people
will experience nausea or an unpleasant taste if they are new to grass juices. You
may have the same experience I had, so requesting a slice of orange to use as a
chaser will help you to get over the strong taste initially. An average active person
will usually have 1-3 ounces a day; people using wheatgrass therapeutically to cure
an illness will have 4-6 ounces. For optimal results, Harley Matsil recommends 2
ounces 3 times a day on an empty stomach. "This is when the magic will occur!" I'm
not quite there yet, but after three weeks of 3 ounces daily, I am very pleased with
the results. I have noticed a big difference in both my energy level and mood, I'm
eating more green vegetables than ever, I've lost my sweet cravings and (most
importantly) my hair is starting to look smoother and shinier! Ok, I guess that last
one could be my imagination at work, but I have received three separate
compliments this week on my hair, so I am giving the credit to wheatgrass.

Seasoned wheatgrass drinkers grow their own in sprouting trays which I am told is
quite easy to do, but I have not tried it firsthand. For now, I suffice with a daily trip to
the juice bar and a stock of frozen shots in my freezer. When I reach the day when I
can stop paying my hair stylist to get rid of my gray, I'll start growing my own! I'll
keep you posted on that one.

List of benefits:

About The Author

Carol Galanty
Wheatgrass is one of those things I
thought only extreme health food
nuts drank. The few times I have had
it in the past I nearly gagged at the
taste. I would bravely toss it back like
I was doing a shot of whisky, quickly
"chasing" it with a wedge of lemon or
orange and then shuddering at the
aftertaste. Could good health really
be worth subjecting myself to such

Surprisingly, I have rediscovered
wheatgrass and have found that I
actually do not mind the taste
anymore. Granted, I am not
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