The Effect of Stress on the Immune System: FAQ
by: Patsy Hamilton
Here we answer some commonly asked questions about the effect of stress on the
immune system, as well as questions like “how do you boost your immune system”. We
have found that these are frequently asked questions and hope to help people find their

What is the effect of stress on the immune system?

Short term stress like dealing with an attack or playing a sport does not negatively affect
the immune system. The spleen is instructed to release more red and white blood cells.
The red blood cells increase oxygen supply to the lungs and heart while the white blood
cells are directed to portions of the body most likely to be injured or become infected,
namely the skin, bone marrow and lymph nodes.

Chronic stress, on the other hand, appears to blunt immune system responses. Studies
have shown that those who work in high pressure jobs, have continuous financial
problems, marital difficulties or any of the other problems that can cause chronic stress,
have lower than normal white blood cell counts, are more vulnerable to colds and other
viruses, take longer to recover from them and experience worse symptoms than do
people who are under less stress.

How do you boost your immune system?

There are many ways, including good nutrition and proper rest. There are a number of
dietary and health supplements that can boost the immune system including Vitamin C,
Andrographis paniculata (AP) and Beta Glucans.

How do you boost your immune system if you are under chronic stress?

If you cannot reduce the stress in your life, then vitamins and health supplements are the
only choice.

Can supplements counteract the effect of stress on the immune system?

Clinical studies have not been done concerning the improvement in immune system
responses among people who use health supplements and are under chronic stress.
Studies have shown that AP increases white blood cell counts in person’s using the herb,
which could counteract the lowered white blood cell counts in persons under chronic

How do you boost your immune system if you work or live in a high risk environment?

People at higher risk for infection can benefit greatly from the use of a health
supplement for immune system enhancement. For more information about products that
naturally boost immune system performance, visit

About The Author

Patsy Hamilton has more than twenty years experience in health care and currently
writes informational articles for the Immune System Booster Guide. Read more at

This article was posted on September 11, 2006

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