The Hair Loss Stress Response
by: Bob Lawrence
Hair loss caused by excessive amounts of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) can affect men at
practically any age due to a wide range of factors. But, how long your hair loss will last
largely depends on your mindset, how you mentally cope with the trauma and the hair
loss treatment you choose. This is extremely important as the wrong treatment could
cost you valuable time, money and hair!

In the first early stages of hair loss, there is one immediate course of action which will
greatly improve the hair loss recovery process. Fortunately, it doesn’t involve expensive
drugs or chemicals, just a level of emotional self control. This can sometimes be quite
difficult to achieve and maintain but when you first notice any excessive amounts of hair
in the sink or shower, do not panic, stay calm and relax. A calm, relaxed attitude to the
hair loss process is essential if you wish to succeed in turning things around.

Initially, when the signs of hair loss are noticed, the first reaction is usually panic,
followed closely by worry and stress. Unfortunately, these emotions will actually
accelerate the hair loss process rather than help control it effectively. In most cases, if
the initial stress response isn’t recognised and eliminated, a vicious circle will develop
and before you know it, those thinning areas willgradually spread across the scalp.

Unfortunately, a typical ‘stressed’ hair loss sufferer will probably proceed to spending
half their lives desperately searching for a miracle cure and spending half their salaries
each month paying for it. Their life will become totally dedicated to hair loss with daily
inspections, counting lost hair, application of chemicals, taking before and after photos
and searching hair loss forums late at night. It’s an extremely unhealthy approach to hair
loss which often ends in failure.

To permanently stop hair loss and encourage new hair growth, a calm, natural, proactive
approach is required. Some positive lifestyle and dietary changes may be necessary but
this will only improve the health and well being of the hair loss sufferer.

Anyone who seriously wishes to stop their hair loss must first investigate what caused
their DHT levels to rise to such a damaging level. Was it due to genetics, stress,
inadequate nutrition, lack of exercise, chemical food additives or other negative and
unhealthy lifestyle habits? Every hair loss sufferer must be aware that nature gave us the
tools to prevent hair loss; all we have to do is learn how to use them!

About The Author

Bob Lawrence is creator of Hair Nurture...The Natural Way to Beat Hair Loss A totally
natural hair loss treatment. To find out more about this unique system, visit

This article was posted on April 07, 2006

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