The Top 11 Signs That Suggest Omega 3 Fatty Acid Deficiency
by David McEvoy
disease is a well-documented benefit of having the correct balance of Omega 3 in the

Studies undertaken on the lifestyle of the Inuit (Eskimos) prove that Omega 3 plays a
critical role in maintaining good health. The Inuit enjoy a diet rich in fish and other
marine wildlife, which provide Omega 3 in abundance.

Humans need Omega 3 fatty acids for optimum daily functioning. Research shows
that it is critical for nervous system development. Omega 3 also plays a crucial part in
managing and preventing disease. This essential nutrient is one of the primary
components of the brain, as well as the retina and other nerve tissue. It can affect
the signalling of cells.

Scientific studies on Omega 3 prove that it is a necessity. Without Omega 3 in our
diets, we find an increase in allergies and arthritis. Other chronic diseases, including
heart disease and cancer, are all impacted upon when we lack Omega 3 in our diets.

Continued research on this essential nutrient has shown another benefit. We find that
with the aid of Omega 3 fish oil, we have a reduced chance of abnormal blood clotting
within the blood vessels.

Available evidence on the Omega 3 benefit indicates that Omega 3 fatty acids should
be included as part of a healthy lifestyle. Should your diet become unbalanced and
your consumption of Omega 3 drop to low, then you may experience several of the
following conditions:

1) Fatty food craving

2) Ear wax accumulation

3) Sun-induced headaches

4) Leg cramps caused by walking

5) Tightness across shoulders

6) Brittle fingernails

7) Low moods, irritability

8) Thin/thick cracked heel calluses

9) Poor/slow wound healing

10) Yeast / candida infection

11) Chronic inflammations

12) Dry skin, dandruff


If you find yourself suffering from any of the above conditions, it may be due to an
incorrect balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 in your diet. Therefore, it is advisable that
you improve your Omega 3 intake by eating more of the foods listed below.

Long chain Omega 3 fatty acids are found in:

The below are also beneficial and rich in Omega 3:

All these foods are a great source of Omega 3. It is strongly recommended that you
always try and increase your Omega 3 intake through a healthy balanced diet,
incorporating some of the food groups from above.

If you are trying to obtain a therapeutic dose of Omega 3 to help alleviate a health
problem, then supplementation with a high-quality fish oil supplement may be
preferable due to the large doses required.

Copyright 2005 David McEvoy

About The Author

David McEvoy is an award winning personal trainer with over 20 years experience; he
also runs a high quality health supplement website.
Do you need Omega 3 fatty acid
in your diet? The simple answer
is yes. The question of the
importance of Omega 3 fatty
acids can be clarified by
examining the medical evidence
regarding the benefits of this
essential nutrient.

Omega 3 fatty acids are
important building blocks for the
cell membranes. Omega 3 fatty
acids play a role in the
neurological health of the human
system. A significantly reduced
risk of heart and cardiovascular
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