Trouble Sleeping? - 7 Steps to Beat Insomnia
by C S Punch

Writing, or expressing these anxieties privately, can be one way to stop them from
circling endlessly in your mind.

Better still, if you know you are prone to worrying at night, write down all your
worries before you go to bed. And then make an agreement with yourself to sleep
on it.

2. Reiki

Invest in a course of three to four relaxing Reiki treatments. Reiki treatments have a
cumulative effect. They deeply relax the mind and body therefore helping with
insomnia. If you happen to fall asleep during the treatment, this is also okay. You
may wish to consider learning Reiki for yourself. That way, you can give yourself a
self-treatment while you are lying in bed waiting to go to sleep. It is a really good
way of helping you to drift off to sleep.

3. Music

Listen to relaxing music or recordings that include the sounds of nature. Even if you
don't like listening to classical music, it will still have a beneficial effect on your general
health as well as help you to sleep. A recent study has shown that listening to 45
minutes of Baroque music each night before going to bed can help you to fall asleep
more easily.

You may have heard of the Mozart Effect. Listening to Bach and other Baroque
musicians who composed structured pieces with 60 beats a minute (like a heartbeat)
helps to reduce stress and relax the mind.

Use a pillow speaker when listening to music at night.

4. Avoid the News at Night

If you like to keep abreast of current affairs, watch the early evening news, if you
can. But avoid watching the news late at night or just before you go to bed. The
news is often filled with negative stories which instills a negative energy last thing at
night which you can carry into your dreams (if you do get to sleep) and over into the
next morning.

5. Bore Yourself

Do something you consider to be boring, mundane and repetitive and that doesn't
require a lot of brain power just before you go to bed. The mind will be so eager to
escape this that it may switch off naturally.

6. Dull Radio Station

Listen to a radio station that you find uninteresting (but not irritating). I find it helpful
to have the radio on at a low volume helps me to sleep.

7. Passion Flower tea

For insomnia caused by stress or nervousness, drink passion flower tea one hour
before bedtime. Passion Flower tea can calm the nerves and helps induce restful
sleep. Put the dried herbs in a mug of boiling water and leave to infuse for 15
minutes. Passion Flower tea is not advisable for pregnant women or breastfeeding
mothers. Passiflora Incarnata is the recommended variety of passion flower for

About The Author

C S Punch

Holistic Practitioner and Reiki Master

Are you struggling with stress? Stress is often one of the main causes of insomnia.
Get free
in 7 online lessons.
Do you have trouble falling asleep?
Here are seven natural ways to beat

1. Write

If you can't sleep because you have
thoughts and worries continually
circling around your mind, then get up
and write out everything that's in
your mind.

You can either free associate and
write about random thoughts or write
about the specific situations that are
causing you anxiety.
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