Types of Oils For Your Hair and Skin Care
by Peter Rodrick
b) Processed or commercial oils prepared with analytical combinations of various
necessary ingredients as required.

c) Synthetic oils have varied uses and wide range. Almond, coconut, sesame, castor,
clove and cinnamon are commonly used varieties of oil available in our country. The
therapy of these oils have not been recommended but prescribed since ancient times
in our country.Here is some information regarding the cosmetic and pharmaceutical
properties of some oils useful for the skin and scalp.

Almond Oil (Badam)

There are two types of almonds: sweet and bitter. Bitter almonds contain traces of
hydrocyanic acid and not recommended for beauty care. It oil is used for face
massage to improve the complexion and to prevent wrinkles of the delicate skin
around the eyes. It is also used to remove eye make-up when the oil is wiped with a
wet piece of cotton wool, in a nose to ear direction. For dry and brittle hair, a hot oil
massage with almond oil should be given once a week. Oil is useful for a face and
body massage when the skin is very dry, in upward and outward directions. In
winter, it is applied for heeling chapped lips.

Coconut Oil (Nariyal)

The oil is extracted mostly form the dried kernel which contains about 60-70 percent
oil. Nowadays, oil is also extracted from the coconut shells. Coconut oil with a little
camphor has been found to cure skin diseases and wounds. Oil from the shells is
used to cure leprosy wounds. For the thickness and growth of healthy hair, apply oil
on the scalp with a piece of cotton wool, keep on overnight and wash off in the
morning. A massage with coconut oil once a week makes the hair healthy and

Sesame Oil (Til Oil)

Sesame sees are of three types: white, red and black. Maximum oil is found in the
white seeds, while the oil extracted from black seeds has medicinal properties. The
seeds contain 50 to 60 percent oil and, therefore, soften rough skins and encourage
the growth of hair. It is also the most beneficial oil base in formulations for massages
in paralytic conditions. Apply a liberal amount of sesame seed oil to clean facial skin.
Massage gently, leaving the eyes and nostrils clear. Now dip a towel in hot water,
wring in out, and place over the face for a few minutes to encourage the oil to soak
into the skin. Try to lie down with your feet up, to increase blood flow to your face.

Castor Oil

It helps growth and since it is thick and sticky in texture, very curly, frizzy and
unmanageable hair can be made manageable by combing down with castor oil.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a good conditioner, excellent for the growth and thickening of hair. Mix
two teaspoons of hot oil with henna to make a paste and apply to the hair. Try to
leave it on for at least six hours or so and wash it out next morning. Your hair will
become glossy and shiny.

About The Author

Peter Rodrick

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Every woman wants to be beautiful.
Those who are born beautiful may
look worm out with the passage of
time and age. This is a reason why, in
order to stay beautiful, women of all
ages need expert adivice, commonly
known as Beauty Care. Oils plays an
important role, and their range is so
vast, that they cover the entire range
of "Top to Toe" beauty, body and
hair treatment. There are a number
of oils:

a) Basic or original oils which are pure
vegetable extracts.
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