Understanding ADHD and Evaluating Treatment Options
by Laura Ramirez
can also vary dramatically. Any ADHD evaluation must begin by targeting the specific
symptoms in your particular case so that you can develop a treatment plan which will
work for you.

The common symptoms of ADHD include difficulty organizing tasks and activities,
losing things necessary for tasks or activities, being easily distracted by outside
stimuli, not listening when spoken to directly, difficulty awaiting turn and difficulty
playing or engaging in leisure activities quietly. In order to help with understanding
ADHD, it is important to realize that these symptoms can be indicative of a serious
underlying problem. Too often, the immediate instinct is to just write them off as
being "flighty" or "eccentric".

Once your doctor has diagnosed you with ADHD, the next step is performing an
ADHD evaluation and settling on a course of treatment. The direction of your
treatment can depend on a number of factors, including whether you have any other
physical ailments and just how disruptive your symptoms are. In most cases,
treatment will consist of some combination of medication and behavioral therapy.

The closer we get to understanding ADHD, the more we are realizing that standard
medications may not be the best answer for all patients. Until very recently, the
most frequently prescribed medications for ADHD were Ritalin and other stimulants.
While these medications can help to alleviate symptoms, they also carry serious side
effects. They can also cause patients to become addicted, making it difficult to wean
yourself off of them once you've started taking them.

As part of a thorough ADHD evaluation, it is suggested that you consider natural
remedies as an alternative to traditional prescription medications. Several herbs and
plants have been identified as having beneficial effects on patients with ADHD. Among
these are Hyocyamus and Verta Alb. Both have been proven to have soothing and
healing properties which can calm over active brains.

In order to achieve the best results, it may be helpful to couple any medication with
behavioral therapy. Understanding ADHD helps us realize that behavioral techniques
can be extremely helpful as they allow patients to regain control of their own brain
function and behavior. Together with natural treatments, this can mean the
difference between living a normal life and one interrupted by ADHD.

ADHD can seem like an overwhelming diagnosis, but it doesn't have to be,
particularly with the availability of natural treatments.
and how
natural medicines and behavioral therapy can reduce symptoms naturally and
effectively, so children can develop normally means that parents have more
treatment options that drugs and all their nasty side effects.. Don't let ADHD stop
your child...make the natural choice and enjoy your life!

About The Author

Laura Ramirez has done research on effective ADHD treatments for the past ten
years. To learn more about her findings, go to
Understanding ADHD can be a
challenge with all the conflicting
information, but it the first step
toward proper diagnosis and
treatment. In order to accurately
treat the symptoms, it is necessary
to have a positive diagnosis. Then
you can begin to consider your
treatment options and evaluate their

While there are several different
accepted forms of treatment for
ADHD, their effectiveness will vary
from patient to patient. This is
because symptoms and their severity
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