varieties of these teas and sometimes they are flavored by adding other plants,
spices or oils to them.

Flavored teas include Earl Grey, which is made of black tea and bergamot, and
Jasmine, which is usually green tea and jasmine flowers. Other types of teas include
Assam and Ceylon, which are black teas and Matcha and Sencha, which are green
teas. These, of course, are just a few of the several varieties available on the market.

Herbal tea and tisane, on the other hand, happen to be one in the same but
completely different than true teas from the tea plant. They originate from dried
leaves, flowers or roots that are not from the Camellia sinensis plant. It seems
almost any leaf or flower that is steeped in hot water is called tea;although in some
countries the word tea is legally restricted to beverages that are made using the true
tea plant.

Whether it is a true tea or an herbal tea most "teas" appear to have health benefits.
Real teas, like oolong and green, have been included in more research studies and
appear to offer the biggest health gain, although herbal teas have shown benefits too.

The herbal tea that seems to be showing the most studied benefit seems to be
rooibos. It has a high level of antioxidants, somewhat similar to green tea, but
because it isn't made with tea leaves it doesn't contain the caffeine. In recent studies
rooibos, also known as red tea, has shown liver protecting abilities as well.

In my own personal experience I can almost always count on peppermint tea to
soothe an upset stomach. I have a friend who always makes a mix of hibiscus, ginger
and cinnamon to help her when she's not feeling well.

However I love the flavor of true teas, and all the reported health benefits provide
compelling reasons to enjoy more of them. With all the varieties and different qualities
available it's a lot of fun to explore and discover your favorites.

Aside from the question of tea or tisane you may also ask tea bag or loose leaf? Tea
bags are great for convenience and the triangular tea bags are great for convenience
with a little better flavor; but to truly enjoy the flavor a quality loose leaf tea is the
best. The loose tea allows water to circulate around the leaves better to help draw
out the flavor.

No matter your particular preference, the variety of teas makes it obvious how tea
has become so popular across so many different cultures.

About The Author

Heather Doyle

Regardless of your preference of tea, tisane or herbal tea, you'll find more to learn
and love with our wulong tea site. This site will teach you everything you could
possibly need to know about wulong tea for weight loss and more.
Understanding Different Types of Tea and Tisane
by Heather Doyle
The great appeal of tea reveals
itself through the vast array of
options available to you in your
local grocery store or any online
distributor. Although many hot
beverages call themselves tea,
there are in fact several
variations and not all of them are
based on the true tea plant.

True tea is created from the
leaves of a plant called Camellia
sinensis. These teas include
white, green, oolong, and black
tea. The list may seem longer
because there are different
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