Untold Nutritional Secrets
by Gary Mathews
How Much Protein Do I Need - Protein is a normal part of out diet; a nutrient widely
distributed among animal and plant foods, and it plays many essential roles in the
body. Dietary protein has two possible fates - it can be either used in growth and
repair or burned for energy, like carbohydrate and fat. Sedentary person: 0.75
grams/lb/day, Recreational athlete: 1.00 grams/lb/day, Serious athlete: 2.00

Protein Cycling - Since strength training greatly increases the rate at which protein is
broken down in the body, it follows that 0.75gms per Pound is inadequate. On the
other hand to increase the intake of protein to say, 3.0gm per Pound straight away
would trigger mechanisms to eliminate the excess protein.

One way to overcome this is to increase the protein in steps until a maximum
efficiency point is reached and then it is drastically reduced. This obliges the body to
compensate by increasing the efficiency for the absorption of protein and amino acids.

Why Carbohydrates? - Carbohydrates supply energy to out body, fibre for
prevention against disease and taste and texture to food, they are found in cereals,
potatoes, fruits and vegetables. Recommended: 4 to 12 grams/lb/day. Over the last
30 years, research into food and blood glucose response has completely changed our
carbohydrate classification system.

It has been learned that it is impossible to predict the impact on blood glucose levels
by certain foods, instead people are fed carbohydrate foods and the response
measured. This response is known as the Glycaemic Index (GI), it is a measure of
how quickly carbohydrate foods are digested and absorbed, as indicted by elevated
blood glucose. The slower the rate of blood glucose increases the lower the GI.

Super Foods - In the food industry super-foods are called "functional foods". These
foods provide a health benefit beyond the simple provision of nutrients or energy, and
usually target a specific disease or condition. In most cases media headlines about the
disease-fighting capacity of foods are hyped up versions of current research reality.
Below is a summary of what some super-foods can and can't do for you.

Vitamins and Minerals - In general an adequate intake of vitamin and minerals can
be achieved with a balanced diet. However, there may be a strong rationale for
supplementation in specific nutrients.

Herbals - The latest herbal super-stars include Echinacea, gingko, and St John's Wart.
They don't pitch themselves as lifesavers, but more as life-maximizes, helping you to
get through the day with less disruption from colds, memory failures, blue moods,
and more.

Supplements - To supplement or not to supplement, that is the question on more
consumers' lips than ever before. There are various reasons why people may be
interested in supplementation. Concern about getting adequate nutrients from our
food supply. A Suspicion of pharmaceuticals and a belief that diet alone will not
achieve optimal nutrition.

Studies suggest that a number of supplements may deliver on advertising claims.
However, consumers can spend large sums of money on products that have little or
no proven efficacy.

The Bottom Line On Supplements - your diet that might achieve your goals but
choose only products that shows the amount of active ingredients on the label. Be
aware that "natural" does not mean 'safe'; some herbal supplements may have
unpleasant side effects. Don't treat serious medical conditions yourself. Discuss
supplement use with your doctor. If you are pregnant or are breast-feeding consult a
doctor before taking supplements.

Only Eat the Good Fats - Eat the good fats and feel and look great, Authorities now
agree that fat is essential for maintaining optimal health. If good healthy skin and fast
metabolism is what your after then you must eat some fat. The good fats are found
in fish, nuts and seeds, avocados and cold pressed oils. Avoid fried foods and
saturated fats as these raise cholesterol and clog arteries.

Eat A Variety Of Foods - For protection from the majority of illnesses such as heart
disease and cancer you need a variety of foods that deliver that mix of nutrients and
minerals. Aim to eat different coloured fruits and vegetables.

Try to eat a different food each month. Eat an apple a day as the apple pectin
cleanses the body's digestive system by removing toxins and therefore preventing
degenerative health problems such as cancer.

In conclusion, I am sure if you can apply even just a few of these tips to your
everyday eating habits I am pretty sure you will see the results in the not to distant

About The Author

Gary Matthews is the author of the popular fitness eBooks Maximum Weight Loss and
Maximum Weight Gain. Please visit
right now for
your 'free' weight loss or muscle building e-courses.
A good understanding of nutrition
and how to use the information
will be extremely rewarding for
anyone. We can all prevent
disease and fight infection
utilizing a powerful medicine
'Food' Using nutrition and
supplementing your diet is the
key to fat loss and muscle gain.
Have a look at these Nutritional
Secrets and discover how to
stay disease free, feel great, look
good and live longer.

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