Vitamin E: Nourishing Dry Skin Care
by Jerrick Foo
in the dollar aisle of the store. The thing to remember about the less expensive
products is that they probably do not contain the strength of vitamin E you need.
They probably also are made of cheap synthetic ingredients instead of high quality
organic oils and other healing components.

Vitamin E for Skin Around Eyes:

The skin around your eyes often needs moisturizing. This is because the area under
the eyes does not have glands for secreting oil. Vitamin E is a wonderful ingredient in
any eye cream as it restores and nourishes the delicate skin around the eyes. Using
an eye cream or oil that contains vitamin E can help fight the tiny wrinkles that so
often appear in this sensitive spot. It does this by stablizing and firming the cell
membranes of your skin. You may need to use a vitamin E product for awhile before
you see the desired results. In fact, it may take months. In addition, the cream may
contain other ingredients that cause your skin to break out. If your skin seems to be
sensitive to a product, discontinue its use and find another that is gentler.

What are Antioxidants?

Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant, which means it neurtalizes the destructive free radicals. It
also protects skin from damage caused by environmental pollution. Talk of free
radicals and anti-oxidants can seem confusing. The main thing to remember is that
antioxidants protect skin and other parts of our body. They protect us from the
effects of the air pollution that is so widespread in our cities. The damage from free
radicals doesn't just happen to our skin. It happens throughout our bodies. This is
why it's so important to get enough vitamin E in the diet.

The Importance of the Skin:

People don't think of the skin as an organ like the heart or lungs. It is, though, and it's
one of the largest and most important. It protects the body from all the damaging
forces on the outside, such as dirt, bacteria, and ultraviolet light. This makes the skin
a vital part of the body. It is crucial to take the best care of it that we can. Vitamin E
prevents scars from forming and stops infections. It promotes fast healing.

What are Tocopherols?

There are different types of vitamin E, which are called "tocopherols." Some feel the
best natural form of vitamin E is called D-alpha-tocopherol. Others feel that since the
different tocopherols each have their own strengths, it makes sense to use many of
the tocopherols at once. A product that has the different forms of vitamin E
combined is said to have "mixed tocopherols."

Types of Products Available:

Vitamin E skin products come in many forms. One innovative product is a stick similar
to a lipstick. It's vitamin E rich formula can be applied directly to the skin around the
eyes or to the lips for serious healing and moisturizing of dry skin. Vitamin E for the
skin is also found combined with oils and natural butters of all types. Sometimes it is
added to tea tree oil. As a word of caution, tea tree oil is healing in cases of fungus or
other infections, but it is harsh and drying. It should be used sparingly if at all by those
who have dry skin. Vitamin E can also be found in a wide variety of skin lotions and
creams. For best results, look for a vitamin E product that includes other helpful
ingredients, such as vitamin A, B-complex, and C.

Vitamin E is one of the most vital healing agents for dry skin. It has been proven over
the years to be able to keep moisture in the skin. It is found in many natural
vegetable oils. It's easy to use, however, straight from a capsule. To apply vitamin E
oil directly to irritated skin, just puncture a hole in a vitamin E capsule. This is a great
way to get vitamin E directly to a sore spot, such as an insect bite or other extremely
itchy spot.

About The Author

Jerrick Foo has been researching and developing all dry skin care the purpose of
offering men and women safe, dry skin care tips. He have created Dry Skin Care
Guide to share his 10 years of combined expertise with you. Visit
for essential skin care tips.
Among all the nutrients, vitamin
E is one of the most important
for ensuring that your skin is
healthy. It can be added to the
diet by eating more seeds and
nuts, healthful oils, and certain
vegetables, like bean sprouts and
sweet potatoes. It helps protect
against heart problems, keeping
the arteries clear. In skin care,
though, it's helpful to apply the
vitamin right at the site of the
dry skin as well as adding it to
the diet. This can be done in a
variety of ways.  You can find
vitamin E skin care creams even
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