Vitamin D is the Best Weapon Against Crohn's Disease!
by Glenford Robinson
was unknown until now. Now that scientists have extensively studied this disease,
they now have a better understanding of how it affects the body. It has long been
suspected that Crohn's disease is linked to a malfunction of the body's immune
system response, but it was not clear how, (ADAM Multimedia Encyclopedia). That
assumption wasn't farfetched.

In fact, in the process of determining that Vitamin D has a direct effect on Crohn's
disease, the scientists realized that the innate immune system, which acts as the
body's first defense against microbial invaders was the part of the immune system
that was directly involved with the disease. It is believed that the immune system is
overreacting to normal bacteria in the intestines, (ADAM Multimedia Encyclopedia).

Findings from the study suggest, for the first time, that Vitamin D deficiency can
directly contribute to Crohn's disease. There is even a belief that people from
northern countries who receive less sunlight necessary for the manufacture of
Vitamin D by the human body, are susceptible to Crohn's disease, (Journal of
Biological Chemistry). According to ADAM Multimedia Encyclopedia, genetic
predisposition and environmental factors seem to play a large role in a person getting
Crohn's disease.

The research team found that Vitamin D acts directly on the beta defensin 2 gene.
This gene encodes for an antimicrobial peptide. Vitamin D also acts directly on the
NOD2 gene, which alerts cells to the presence of invading microorganisms that
enters the body, according to the research team. They said both Beta-defensin and
NOD2 have been linked to Crohn's disease, suggesting that if NOD2 is deficient or
defective, it won't be able to combat invading microbes in the intestinal track.

Vitamin D, in its active form is called "1, 25-dihydroxyvitamin D," which is a hormone
that binds to receptors of cells of the body, according to the researchers.
Over-the-counter Vitamin D Supplements can adequately supply the body with
enough Vitamin D, the team said.

The researchers argued that the Crohn's-Vitamin D discovery can be put to the test,
stating that siblings of people with Corhn's disease who haven't yet developed the
disease might be well advised to make sure they are Vitamin D sufficient, and they
can get enough Vitamin D in their systems by simply going to the pharmacy and
buying Vitamin D supplements.

It is great to know that Vitamin D can help people defend themselves against Crohn's
disease or other inflammatory bowel diseases by them just buying Vitamin D
supplements from the local pharmacy.

About The Author

Glenford S Robinson, BS, CLS (ASCP), is a Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Journalist
(American Chronicle), and Staff Writer for
, a social networking
website and articles directory providing its members and visitors with
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Scientists from McGill University and
the Univeriste de Montreal discovered
that Vitamin D, in its purest form, can
counteract the effects of Crohn's
disease, a form of inflammatory
bowel disease (IBD), (Journal of
Biological Chemistry). It involves
ongoing or chronic inflammation of
the gastrointestinal tract. The
Crohn's-induced inflammation most
often affects the intestines. However,
it may also occur at the mouth and
rectum, (ADAM Multimedia

The exact cause of Crohn's disease
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