Vitamin D Stimulates Your Immune System
by E. Jean Perrins
In the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Dr. John Cannell and his team report that
T-cells that the body generates to fight infection are more efficient and active when
bound with Vitamin D. Vitamin D is an integral part of the body's defense system.
When foreign agents enter the body that trigger an immune response a chain
reaction starts.

First, invasive microorganisms are released from the blood into the walls of the
intestine which causes the release of Immunoglobulin A (IgA). In adults there are
about 30 receptors called Peyer's patches in the lower part of the small intestine
which release B-lymphocytes into the blood and lymph system. Through a series of
hormonal signaling dendritic cells, macrophages and finally T-lymphocytes are

The most efficient killers of invasive microorganisms are the T-lymphocytes. When
these T-cells recognize a foreign invader, like a bacteria or a virus, they send out a
hormonal signal to the Vitamin D receptor gene. This activating signal stimulates the
VDR gene to produce a DVR protein which causes Vitamin D to attach to the T-cell.
This whole process then produces a hormone called PLC-gamma one protein which
turbo charges the T-cell to do an efficient job to fight the infection. Without Vitamin
D, the T-cells are less active and stimulated by infective agents.

Dr. Cannell and his team also showed that Vitamin D help protect against colds and
the flu by stimulating production of antibacterial peptides that keep the T-cells alert,
providing an early warning system against invaders.

Vitamin D is not all created equal. Obviously, Vitamin D from the sun is the most
effective and natural. The form of Vitamin D generated in your body from sun
exposure, particularly UV-B rays in sunlight, performs like a pro-hormone in the skin,
converting quickly into 25-hydroxyvitamin D, or Vitamin D3. People in northern
climates are the most prone to Vitamin D deficiency as there is less sun exposure,
especially between September and mid to the end of April. Dr. Cannell further
postulates that colds and flu may only be a symptom of Vitamin D deficiency,
especially in areas above and below 30 degrees latitude.

Since Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, the recommended daily allowances for
different age groups has been thought to be low enough not to cause dangerous
levels of accumulation in the body. Recent research has shown these levels to be
woefully inadequate. The latest research shows that 35 IU's of Vitamin D3
(cholecalciferol) is the optimum dosage per pound of body weight in all individuals,
including children, pregnant women and the elderly.

The only way to determine an accurate dosage for you, is to have your blood tested.
Your health professional can advise you on your proper individual dosage. According
to studies, an ideal year-round Vitamin D3 level is 50-65 ng/ml.

If Dr. Cannell is correct, as his study shows, you can see the end to colds, flu and
other health conditions, while the rest of the world is sneezing, coughing and blowing
their nose. It's a good thing that Vitamin D is so inexpensive. Maybe it's time to buy
shares in the tissue companies.

About The Author

Jean Perrins is a former nurse and admitted health nut who writes health articles for
a number of on-line and off-line sources. As an avid researcher, she knows how to
squeeze every ounce of health in a body. To access more of Jean's articles, go to
Did you ever notice that there are
less colds and flu in summer? That is
because there is usually stronger
sunshine which stimulates Vitamin D
production in the skin. Vitamin D is
more important than most people
realize for protection against colds
and flu and is an influential
preventative for a wide assortment
of diseases like cancer, diabetes,
auto-immune diseases, heart disease
and depression. Research in recent
decades shows the deficit of Vitamin
D in the body has more far reaching
effects than most people realized.
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