Vitamin D - The Super Supplement Cold and Flu Fighter
by Susan Wallace
of experience and some recent vitamin deficiency studies on Vitamin A & D. For
example, at a Wisconsin care facility where 275 children live, they had been tested
for Vitamin D deficiencies and were supplemented with Vitamin D. They were exposed
to the H1N1 flu in June 2009 when a new resident, who was ill with the H1N1 virus,
moved into the facility. Only 1 child came down with the H1N1 flu. However over 70
staff members who were not tested and had no supplemental Vitamin D came down
with flu symptoms. People who have become ill with H1N1 and been tested
afterwards have shown a clear lack of Vitamins A & D. Why does having Vitamin A&D
deficiency make you more susceptible to getting the H1N1 flu? Mainly, these vitamins
have been proven to boost immunity.

If you have not been tested for Vitamin D levels then I want to tell you why it
is one of the most important vitamins in the prevention of colds and flu.

Vitamin D is the "sunshine vitamin" because it is made in the body only when the skin
is exposed to sunlight. Many people do not get nearly enough sun exposure and if
they do they have covered the skin with sun block or clothing which prevents Vitamin
D from forming. We have always known that Vitamin D is the escort of Calcium into
the bones but in the last decade many more uses for Vitamin D have been

Vitamin D helps maintain a healthy immune system. It can prevent colds and flu.
Think about when we are getting colds and flu and it's during the darkest months of
the year. Since the 1940's milk has been fortified with Vitamin D which was the first
vitamin to be manufactured in a lab and added to our food supply. Vitamin D2 was
formulated at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and it was very cheep to produce.
The problem with D2 is it does not convert well to activated Vitamin D in the body
and at high doses it can be toxic. The RDA recommended daily allowance was set at
400IUs which turns out to be extremely low. Now we are finding that due to our lack
of Vitamin D and the inferior quality of the fortified foods, Vitamin D deficiency is at
epidemic proportions.

Three ways to get sufficient levels of Vitamin D

1. First of all get your blood tested for Vitamin D. I can order an inexpensive test for
you. Ask me about this at your next appointment or e-mail me.

2. Choose foods that contain Vitamin D. They are the foods with fat. Low fat foods
will not provide Vitamin D. The food highest in Vitamin D is Cod Liver Oil. Other
sources are deep water fatty fish like salmon, oysters, organ meats, egg yolk and
butter. Fortified foods include dairy products and cereal grains but the amounts
added can be erratic and if the form is Vitamin D2 it is not easily assimilated in the
body. Also these fortified products need to be eaten with fat so nonfat milk is not
going to help Vitamin D levels.

3. Take a supplement to get sufficient levels of Vitamin D. Like I mentioned first get
your blood tested so I can help you determine your level of deficiency. Then I can
help you supplement accordingly.

In order to get enough Vitamin A, the easiest way to do this is by consuming fresh
fruits and vegetables. Cod Liver Oil is also a source of Vitamin A. It is important to
not get too much vitamin A in supplement form as it can be toxic so eating lots of
fresh fruits and veggies is the safest way to get Vitamin A in your diet.

In addition to consuming more Vitamin A and D think about what daily habits
may be contributing factors in compromising your resistance to colds and flu:

All the above factors sound very simple but they do take a personal plan and some
effort to take care of ones self. I can help you by designing a personal plan to
enhance your immune system to help you deal with the cold and flu season. Give me
a call or discuss this with me during your next appointment.

About The Author

Susan Wallace is a licensed acupuncturist serving the San Francisco bay area. She
has treated over 1000 patients in the last 20 years and specializes in women's health
conditions. She can be reached at 510-559-8700 or swallaceacupuncture@earthlink.
net. For more information or to sign up for her newsletter go to:
We are now deep into the winter
season so I will continue to write
about cold and flu prevention.
Hopefully you are already taking
some preventative measures.

I know that you are hearing a lot
about the H1NI flu vaccine in the
news and have concerns about
whether or not to immunize your
family. You will have to make that
decision according to the best
available information. What I'm not
seeing in the news is how to stay
strong and healthy. I have some
recommendations based upon years
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