Walking As a Form of Exercise - Enjoy These Benefits While
Having Fun  
by Becca Scott
those with joint problems you'll be please to know it's gentle on the joints. Walking
will help you to burn calories and to shape and tone up your buttocks as well as your

Walking is easy on the body but so good for it:

If you've seen people walking in your neighborhood but never thought of yourself as
a walker then you're missing out on a form of exercise that is enjoyable and good
for both your body and your mind!

Unlike many forms of exercise, walking doesn't involve any sports equipment and
apart from a small investment in decent pair of walking shoes it isn't an expensive
physical activity. Buy a pair of walking shoes that fit your feet well and you're ready
to go!

Walking is more pleasurable if you do it with someone else. Find a walking buddy to
accompany you. Then you can enjoy good conversation and a few laughs as you get
in your daily dose of physical activity.

If you've no one to walk with then music can be great company. In fact your steps
will be lighter and you may fall into step with the music as you walk. Take along your
IPod or MP3 player and listen to your favorite songs while you do your low impact
workout. The great thing about music is it'll make you forget you're exerting yourself
and you'll come to associate your walks with satisfying feelings!

As a form of physical activity walking is not vigorous and is well suited to practically
anyone. If you walk at a brisk pace for 30 minutes or more and walk four to five
times a week then you can experience a great number of benefits to your health.

For best results don't keep stopping while walking - but keep up a steady pace. You
don't have to stop or slow down every 5 minutes to smell the roses. Not only is
walking excellent for your physical health but your mental health as well. It provides
an opportunity to resolve or clean out all sorts of things cluttering up your mind.

Here are some of the many benefits of walking:

Walking on a consistent basis can make you feel better as well as more relaxed and
less stressed. It can also help you to cope better with stress and tension when it
enters your life.

Walking has a mood elevating effect. Walkers report lower rates of depression and
anxiety than those who do not walk. Walking can also support a more restful and
soothing sleep and it can do a world of good for energy and stamina.

Walking is a mild form of exercise that can help you to lose weight and also make
you less likely to crave food. This is because it helps to keep the blood flowing not to
the digestive system, but away from it. If you walk for approximately an hour,
depending on your pace, you'll burn an estimated 500 calories. This is roughly the
amount of calories you would consume if you ate a modest meal.

Walking is a beneficial form of exercise and a natural way to tone your body. Give
walking a try and start reaping its many benefits.

About The Author

Becca Scott writes extensively about alternative health topics. Becca is currently
focused on the short intense exercise industry and the new
and you can read her thoughts about this program at her blog at .
Walking is great exercise and it's an
activity most people can do and fit
into their day no matter what their
age or current level of fitness.

Most of us need some level of
exercise as an antidote to our
sedentary lifestyle. But we can't all
jog for miles or cope with strenuous
workouts in fitness gyms, and if
you're trying to lose some pounds
then just start with walking.

Walking is a low impact physical
activity that strengthens the bones
and the muscles in the back. For
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