Want a Health Drink? Coconut Water is the Best
by Cody Moss
low level of energy. Fast recovery will enable you to continue your normal work once
you leave the gym.

Generally you carry bottled or canned drink which you think will help you get energy
fast. You must choose this carefully because it should not contain fat. Seek out an
energy drink which is as close to the natural state as possible -chemicals mixed in the
drink to preserve or add to its taste may not necessarily be good for your body. Do
not allow advertisements to influence you. Carefully study the contents of the health
drink before choosing one good for you.

An Energizer

Among the naturals, fruits can supply quick energy. Coconut water tops the list
because it is completely free of fat. Besides, it is sterile when consumed from a
freshly cut coconut. Perhaps, no other source is as good for rehydrating your cells
and simultaneously giving energy as coconut water

For Waist Line Watchers

For those working hard to reduce their weight, this drink is gift because it does not
contain any ingredient that can contribute to the fat layer in the body. Go ahead and
drink it to your heart's content. You have absolutely nothing to lose; much to gain.

Loss of water during workout can upset the salt balance in the body, it will restore
this as it is rich in potassium - a chemical that is necessary for maintaining the
osmotic equilibrium in the body.

Cardiac Care

Coming back to potassium in the coconut water, this chemical along with other
minerals is proved to help a patient recover from high blood pressure. If you suffer
from higher than required level of cholesterol, you will be pleased to know that
consuming this natural drink increases High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) which, in turn,
is known to maintain the cholesterol content in the blood.

Upset Stomach? Soothe with Coconut Water

If you suffer from any digestive disorder, this is the safest drink. It helps check acidity
and has a soothing effect. If you are unable to go to your doctor quickly enough
when you have an upset stomach, go ahead and safely drink it. If fresh coconut is
not at hand, go for purest form of canned or bottled one.

Coconut water contains hormones known as cytokinins which defy aging. These
hormones have an effect of keeping away illnesses linked with higher age.


Properties of coconut water make it a natural short term intravenous fluid that can
be administered to a patient. Yes, the body is able to accept it without any side
reaction. So, not only can it help rehydration when taken orally, but coconut water
also be given through intravenous route.

The diabetics have to be cautious when they drink anything other than water;
coconut water is absolutely safe for them.

Skin Care

Who would like wrinkles in his skin? People spend a lot of time and money looking
out for miracle cure for this. A very cheap and a sure answer is coconut water. Drink
it regularly. Many home remedies use coconut water mixed with other useful natural
products to make your skin smooth and shining. Remember, the natural ingredients
do not injure or irritate your skin.

About The Author

Cody has 12 years experience as a personal trainer. He started his career at the
University of Washington as an instructor. He was in charge of running a beginning
weightlifting class and was the creator of many new classes because of the demand
for his knowledge and leadership skills. From there he trained at a corporate gym
while gaining knowledge in the studies of human movement. He now has his own
business with numerous pleased and fulfilled clients.  
Coconut water has always been
looked upon as nature's gift to
mankind for health. You will hardly
find anyone who dislikes it.

At Survival of the Fitness, we could
not find a health drink better than
this. Let us discuss some of the
important properties of this great
energy giver.

After Your Gym Sessions

You are aware that you need to
pump in energy after physical
exertions at the gym to recover from
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