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by Shelley Moore
water; it is an essential nutrient for our body. Water is needed for virtually all body
processes, from digestion to elimination. Water is involved in metabolism, circulation
and detoxification. Your body needs water.

Alkaline Water - The Healthiest Water in the World!

Not all water is created equal and because water is vital to our bodies and for our
health, we recommend drinking the best water available. Typically bottled and filtered
water is better than drinking tap water. Distilled water is not recommended because
everything has been taken out of it – including the minerals. It is essentially dead
water because it has no life in it.

The best water for your health is Alkaline Water. A water ionizer takes regular tap
water and purifies and alkalizes it to create Alkaline Water. Before we explain the
many health benefits of a water ionizer and the “miracle” water it creates, let’s first
explain the concept of alkaline water and how it affects our body.

Better Health with a Water Ionizer

Regardless if you eat an apple or a veggie casserole, all food generates waste. This
waste is then removed from our body through our skin and when we eliminate. The
problem is that many times our body can not get rid of all the waste it produces. This
is due to several things including our dietary habits, stress, and our inability to properly
digest our food. This acid waste builds up in our systems and show up in the form of i.
e. cholesterol, kidney stones and arterial plaque. It also causes premature aging and
disease. To help our bodies get rid of these wastes its imperative to decrease our
intake of acidic foods such as coffee, alcohol, soft drinks and sugar and increase our
consumption of alkaline foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, green drinks and
alkaline water.

The pH scale measures the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. The scale ranges from
0 (pure acid) to 14 (pure alkaline) with 7 being neutral. In our blood we have
substances which aid in stabilizing our blood pH called alkaline reserves or buffers. The
blood pH must remain at a constant rate of 7.36. If the blood becomes too acidic the
alkaline reserves will immediately raise the pH in order to maintain the blood pH at
7.36. These alkaline reserves consist of bicarbonates and we need these bicarbonates
to get rid of the acid waste our body produces. If we don’t have a sufficient amount
of bicarbonates in our blood our health will be compromised and we won’t be able to
get rid of the acid waste from our body resulting in cholesterol, premature aging,
kidney stones, etc..

Why do you need a Water Ionizer?

A Water Ionizer converts tap water to strong alkaline water with a high pH. By using a
water ionizer and drinking alkaline water, you will increase the amount of bicarbonates
which help our bodies get rid of acidic waste.

Alkaline water is more easily absorbed into the body tissues because it has smaller
water clusters, with only 5-6 molecules and is in a hexagonal shape. Regular tap
water has about 10-13 molecules with an irregular shape, making it more difficult for
the body to absorb. As a result, alkaline water from a water ionizer is 6 times more
hydrating than regular water, offering improved detoxification and health benefits.

Alkaline Water will also increase your energy. It is rich in oxygen and will increase the
amount of oxygen in the blood. This additional oxygen has antioxidant properties and
helps to neutralize free radicals.

Water Ionizers are proven to treat fungal disease, skin conditions like eczema,
psoriasis, rashes, and acne. A water ionizer can help high blood pressure, burns,
wounds, blisters, insect bites, cold sores, gallstones, kidney stones, gout, and
dandruff. Ionized, alkaline water helps treat conditions such as osteoporosis, arthritis,
headaches, muscle pain and relief from the effects of cancer treatment.

What is a Water Ionizer and how does it Work?

A water ionizer is a small appliance that typically sits on your counter, connected to
your kitchen faucet. A special attachment redirects tap water from the faucet to the
water ionizer. As the water moves through the water ionizer it is filtered through the
activated charcoal. From there it passes into a chamber equipped with platinum
coated titanium electrodes. This is where electrolysis takes place - the most important
part of the process. During this process the water ionizer splits the water into 2 flows,
alkaline water and acidic water, both offering incredible health benefits. The alkaline
water comes out of the faucet in the sink - ready to drink! A separate hose coming
from the water ionizer sits in the sink releases acidic (oxidized) water. This acidic
water is excellent for sterilizing, washing hands, treating minor wounds and burns and
insect bits. It destroys over 99% of bacteria, including E-Coli.

A water ionizer turns ordinary tap water into strong alkaline water with a high pH. It is
a powerful antioxidant with antiaging properties and help to treat disease and many
health problems. One of the best things you can do for your health is use a water
ionizer and drink more water. After all, nothing is more important than your health.

DISCLAIMER: The information in this article is intended for educational purposes only.
The author of this article is not a medically trained physician; therefore, any theories
or suggestions put forward are intended to supplement and not replace the advice of
medically or legally trained professionals. All matters concerning your health require
medical supervision. Please ensure that you consult your doctor prior to adopting any
suggestions put forward by e-Smart Living, as well as about any condition that may
require medical diagnosis or medical attention. E-Smart Living is not responsible in any
manner whatsoever for any injury sustained either directly or indirectly from
information put forward in this article.

About The Author

Shelley Moore is the owner of . She has spent over 15
years in the health and wellness industry. She is a certified Personal Trainer and Health
and Wellness Specialist and has traveled extensively, studying alternative forms of
medicine and ancient healing methods.
“Drink your way to better
health with a Water Ionizer”

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