What Are the Most Common Food Allergies?
by Christine Crotts
an allergen is released into the body. This allergen causes the body to release a
substance called histamine. Histamine will make the body swell and become itchy.
Food vulnerabilities follow the same routine; however they have different symptoms
from other allergies.

The most common symptoms are swelling, itching and sneezing. When the body
comes in contact with the substance in which they are vulnerable to they can
become extremely uncomfortable. People with susceptibilities will also become
uncomfortable however it will be a little different. In most cases people with reactions
will experience swelling and itchiness in their throat or mouth. This is because food
goes directly into the body through the mouth and down the throat. People that eat
snacks that they are hypersensitive to may start to feel weak and dizzy. These
symptoms are not as common in other types of reactions because they are not
usually ingested.

The most common known thing that people are allergic to is nuts. Many adults and
children experience extreme reactions when they digest nuts. Most people are
hypersensitive to specific kinds of nuts, such as peanuts. Peanuts can be extremely
dangerous if you are allergic to them. Simple things such as using a spoon that has
touched peanuts can cause a reaction. Other nuts that people can be vulnerable to
are walnuts, cashews, and almonds. Basically any type of nut can cause a reaction.

This type is also frequently connected to eggs. In most cases people that are
susceptible to eggs will know it very early in their life. Eggs are used in multiple things
and the chances are that when a child first begins to eat they will encounter
something made with eggs. Eggs can be a very dangerous thing and should never be
ruled out when thinking of aversions.

Other things that people are commonly allergic to are milk, wheat and seafood.
People have reactions to these things every day. Some of the reactions may not be
as severe however when a reaction occurs you should stay away from it.

It is very important to remember that these reactions are common. Most people do
not know that they can have vulnerabilities to certain things so therefore they eat
whatever they like. They should always be taken into consideration, especially with
small children. People that have small children should ration the amounts of these
objects that their children intake. Children will take these types of reactions more
severely than adults and medical attention should be sought out. Many things can
cause aversions; these are just the most common.

About The Author

Christine Crotts likes to travel a lot and makes sure that her dog can travel with.
Christine has written a site containing reviews on
models, as well as
Some people may wonder why when
they eat certain meals they have bad
reactions. In most cases it is because
they are allergic to the foods.
Allergies of certain snacks are
somewhat like seasonal reactions,
however some things are different.
This article will describe what food
sensitivities are as well as their
symptoms. It will also inform you on
the most common hypersensitivities.

They are a complex disorder that can
occur when the body has an
abnormal reaction to certain things.
During a reaction a substance called
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