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    What Exactly is Fucoxanthin?

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    Fucoxanthin is a word that’s getting heard more, searched more and said more in the same sentences as terms like body weight management and antioxidant. But for those unfamiliar with this substance, the first question is of course going to be “why”? The next is probably going to be “what the heck is it”?

    Answering those questions, fucoxanthin has been the subject of study and has been examined for its potential benefits. Studies are ongoing but the initial results are promising. As a result, fucoxanthin has started appearing in the inventories of companies that provide quality supplements and nutraceuticals to the public.

    As for what it is there is a pigment within brown algae. This pigment is a compound responsible for the absorption of blue-green light. The compound’s name is fucoxanthin.

    If you’ve ever had seaweed, you might have already had fucoxanthin. Wakame, which is consumed in Japan in salads and in miso soup, is one of the naturally occurring sources of this pigment. Other edible brown seaweeds also contain it.

    The supplement form of fucoxanthin can be simply the seaweed ground and put into capsules or it can be an extract. Fucoxanthin supplements may be mixed with other nutrients to enhance the effectiveness or the supplement may contain fucoxanthin alone. If you are considering trying fucoxanthin the same is true as with any dietary supplement: know what’s in it and make sure that it is the right supplement for you from a supplier you can trust.

    You may never have heard of the compound fucoxanthin before reading these words, but as more research, studies and interest are focused on it, fucoxanthin could very well become common amongst those trying to live a healthier life and unlock the potential of this interesting substance that starts from a very humble and abundant beginning.

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