What You Need to Know About PMS and Relationships
by Ruth Purple
worsens as menstruation draws near and subsides at the time of menstruation or
several days after it.

To know if you are really suffering from PMS you have to observe yourself if you are
experiencing the symptoms repeatedly together with your menstrual cycle and not
experience it after the menstruation and according to health professionals, to qualify
that it is PMS, the symptoms affects or interferes with some of the daily living
activities of the sufferer. A woman who is going through PMS can affect the people
around her. During PMS common marital or lovers quarrel becomes magnified and
more complicated. It is important to know that sometimes it's hard for most women
if not all to control this syndrome.

For men, it is important that you comprehend that during this period women are not
acting out or being too emotional because they have less control over it. My friends
Tommy told us one time about her girlfriend Laura was sobbing and crying while
watching the movie "The Godfather" "We watched that movie several times already
but I was surprised to see her crying her heart out on the part where Michael's wife
confessed that she deliberately has their child aborted." He said laughing while
recalling the situation. Laura was kind of amused of herself during that time "I can't
help myself from crying, I don't know what came over me.

I just felt like crying and feeling so much. I guess I was having that time of the
month." Being overly emotional is just one of the symptoms of pre menstrual
syndrome. Unlike Laura, some women suffer more that just crying over movies.
Having severe and sudden mood swings, extreme emotional responsiveness and
reactions, irritability, irrationality, unexplained crying, anxiety, forgetfulness,
decreased attentiveness or focus, confusion, withdrawal, sensitivity to rejection or
any negative responses, sudden burst of anger, food cravings,and to some having
suicidal thoughts and depression are some of the psychological symptoms of pre
menstrual syndrome. While headaches or migraines, bloating, increased weight,
increase production of pimples and/ or acnes, sweating, diarrhea or constipation,
breast tenderness, muscles and joint pains, backaches, decreased sex drive,
nightmares and shakiness are some of the physical symptoms of pre menstrual

It is essential that you know and is aware of these symptoms because PMS, believe
it or not is one of the factors that causes relationship breakdowns. An also, as a
woman, knowing that a man understands this kind of disorder helps.

About The Author

Ruth Purple is a Relationship Expert who has been successfully coaching individuals
and couples in their relationships. Get A Copy of her sensational ebook on winning
your man
. Alternatively click here for .
Listen out, boys and girls. This topic is
not to be taken lightly. This is one
matter that you have to understand
and be aware of if you want to have
blissful relationship. Although this only
occurs once a month it has a
tremendous effect in your love affair.
PMS or pre menstrual syndrome is a
monthly physiological dilemma
affecting a woman's body. PMS is a
physical and psychological disorder
that takes place regularly during the
phase of menstrual cycle specifically
between ovulation and the onset of
menstruation, usually one to two
weeks before the menstruation and
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