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    Wheatgrass Juice Packs in the Nutrients

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    Ever wonder how you could fill a shot glass with potent nutrients, enzymes and vitamins? Wheatgrass is the answer. It is an amazing superfood. A one ounce shot glass full of wheatgrass juice is all you need to consume in order to benefit from its many health advantages.

    There are several ways to attain wheatgrass juice. You can grow your own trays of wheatgrass at home from seeds and juice it using a special wheatgrass juicer. You can also purchase juice from a juice bar. Or, there are growers who sell trays of wheatgrass that you can purchase and then juice yourself.

    Many people boast about how easy it is to grow wheatgrass. It takes about 10 days for a tray to grow to the proper length for juicing. You do not want to let it grow too much longer than that. The younger the grass, the more nutrient dense it is. If you grow it to maturity, you will be losing precious vitamins and enzymes.

    You can purchase pre-juiced wheatgrass juice in the freezer section of some health food stores. However, use caution when purchasing these products. Many retailers are not permitted to sell unpasteurized wheatgrass juice. However, the process of pasteurization kills all of the nutrients making it worthless as a nutritional supplement.

    Wheatgrass is also available in powder form. Try a powder that is organic and has been freeze dried or dried in the sun. This method will retain the nutritional value of the plant. A powder can be used in smoothies or added to juice or water for a potent supplemental boost.

    Whatever option you choose to enjoy wheatgrass juice, the benefits to your health are plentiful. Dating back to the late 1960’s, wheatgrass has been touted as one of nature’s greatest gifts. Studies have classified it as one of the most abundant superfoods known to man. Celebrated, for its nutritional content, wheatgrass has been proven to cleanse and regenerate cells in our bodies. It is easily and effortlessly assimilated in our bodies.

    The chlorophyll it contains is highly energizing. What is even more impressive is that the molecule in wheatgrass practically mimics blood hemoglobin. It can actually increase the red blood cell count and the capacity of blood to deliver oxygen to cells. It has an alkalizing effect on the body which helps to balance acids and inflammation. When these vital balances are created in our system, we are more able to thwart off chronic disease and degenerative illness. Wheatgrass can even work to normalize blood pressure and promote increased metabolism.

    A true superfood, indulging in wheatgrass is a nutritious way to supplement your healthy lifestyle and strengthen your ability to fight off disease.

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