Which Supplement to Use, Bee Pollen or Royal Jelly?
by Micheal Thomas
the list of the most effective and most proven bee product are bee pollen and royal

Which is better, bee pollen or royal jelly?

Let us look at their nutritional composition in order to find out. Royal jelly contains
various B-complex vitamins, vitamin C, some traces of amino acids, simple sugars,
fatty acids, minerals, enzymes, as well as some antibacterial and antibiotic
components. There is a component in royal jelly that brings about longer life span.
This fact is observable in the queen bee's life span which lasts about five to six long
years while the worker bees' lives only last about 35 to 40 days. Queen bees are
only fed with royal jelly and nothing else their whole lives.

The pollen from the bee, on the other hand, contains a rich source of vitamins,
minerals, proteins and amino acids, hormones, enzymes and fats, as well as
significant quantities of natural antibiotics. Some of the vitamins included in pollens
are carotenoids which are later converted inside the body as vitamin A, the
B-Complex vitamins like thiamine (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), pyridoxine
(vitamin B6), Nicotinic acid, Pantothenic acid, and Folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E,
vitamin K, rutin, and other various vitamins like B5, B12, D, biotin, inositol and PABA.

These pollens also have been found to have traces of various minerals like calcium,
chlorine, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, and
sulfur. The proteins and amino acids content found are also vast which includes
peptones, gloculins, Arginine, Histidine, Isoleusine, Leusine, Lysine, Methionine,
Phenylalamine, Threonine, Tryptophane, and Valine. These amino acids and proteins
mentioned are the most crucial in a man's daily diet. They cannot be manufactured
or synthesized inside our body but they can be derived from natural sources, like
pollens collected from bees, in a consumable form.

In addition, pollens collected from bees also contains lecithin, amines, nuclein,
guanine, xanthine, hypoxanthine, vernine, hydrocarbons, sterols, polypetides, ribose,
desoxyribose, hexuronic acid, vegetable oils, and other various factors.

Certain enzymes that act as essential biological catalysts during the digestive process
in our body are also found in pollens. They include amylase, catalase, cozymase,
cytochrome, dehydrogenase, diaphorase, diastase, lactic acids, pectase and

Which can bring about many health benefits, bee pollen or royal jelly?

Royal jelly contains the important acetylcholine, a compound needed to transmit
nerve messages from cell to cell. Too little of this compound makes individuals prone
to Alzheimer's disease. The growth of glial cells and neural stem cells in the brain are
stimulated by royal jelly. This positive attribute proves to be very beneficial for cases
of Parkinson's disease. Royal jelly is also known for prolonging youthfulness,
improving the skin beauty, increasing energy, alleviating anxiety, sleeplessness,
moodiness, memory loss, and bolstering the immune system.

There are a lot of benefits from the pollen from the bee. Some of them include
lowering bad cholesterol levels in the blood, increasing red and white blood cells,
increasing sexual functions in men and women as well as improving their reproductive
system, rejuvenating various glands and organs for work efficiency, aiding in cell
regeneration, normalizing chemical imbalances of the body for proper metabolism,
increases protection from various diseases including cancer and tumor through its
rich antioxidant properties, treating allergies through its antihistamine properties, and
so much more.

So which one is the best?

Actually, both are very effective in providing you with all the things you need to
survive, enabling you to experience longer life. Why not take both
together. There is a special bee supplement from New Zealand that
included royal jelly in its composition to booster more health benefits than any other
bee supplements can.

About The Author

Micheal Thomas is an editor for a series of health related websites. Learn about the
best bee pollen supplement that we ourselves use daily after extensive product
comparisons and research over at
There are a lot of consumable
products we get from the bees which
include fresh honey, propolis, bee
bread, bee pollen or royal jelly. All of
these bee products have their own
unique set of properties that are very
beneficial to human health. That is
one reason why you can see a lot of
bee supplement products in the
grocery and in your local health food

Sometimes you get to think which of
the bee products to choose that will
give you the best health benefits.
Perhaps the top ranking products on
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