Whole Eggs, Nature's Wonder Food
by Gavin R Smith
the egg and should not be avoided for either concern of heart health or weight loss.

The link between the dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol levels is flimsy at best
and it is now known that healthy fats and cholesterol in eggs can actively raise the
good cholesterol giving a better ratio of good cholesterol (HDL) to bad cholesterol
(LDL). Where as not getting enough essential fatty acids has been shown to increase
the levels of LDL (Bad cholesterol), eggs containing significant amounts of both good
cholesterol and essential fatty acids can have a positive effect on the good to bad
cholesterol ratio.

Research published in The European Journal of Nutrition found that those who ate
two eggs per day while on a calorie-restricted diet not only lost weight - but also
reduced their cholesterol levels. Both the American heart Association and the British
Heart foundation no longer place a limit on the recommended number of eggs to be
consumed in a week. Yet, despite this knowledge having been available for many
years now people are still frequently recommending the removal of the yolk as a
healthy option thinking that taking some the fat and cholesterol out is making a
healthy food choice but they're mistaken.

As well as containing the essential fatty acids the egg yolks also contain the lions
share of the vitamins and minerals, 90% of Calcium, 99.8% of Zinc, 93% of Iron,
91.7% of vitamin B12 and 100% of vitamins A, E, D & K. On the other hand the egg
whites only contain protein and magnesium in significant quantities making it the
lesser part of the nutritional whole. Still think that egg white omelet is the healthier

What about weight loss?

Well first off eggs aren't as high in fat as most people believe; at 5 grams of fat per
egg they certainly can't be considered a high fat food and it has been shown that
Omega 3 fatty acids aid in weight loss. Also zinc, magnesium and calcium deficiencies
which are very common in the modern diet often play a role in the hormonal
imbalances that contribute to people's weight and metabolism problems. Eggs are an
excellent source of all these important nutrients.

When the yolk and the white are consumed together they form a complete
nutritional complex of vitamins minerals essential fatty acids and protein, not only
does the egg contain all these things but they are contained in their most absorbent
form (humans can't absorb a lot of the nutrients from many foods) making them
one of the most complete and healthy foods found anywhere in nature and nutrition.
So clearly the healthiest part of the egg is the two parts together as nature intended.

Happy eating!

About The Author

Gavin is a coach at Dax Moy Personal Training Studios, Islington, where he works
with clients to achieve rapid fitness results.

To find out more or to contact Gavin with questions related to this post, email
or call 0207 534 3550.  [http://daxmoy-pts.co.uk/]
Eggs in general and especially egg
yolks have had rather a lot of bad
press in the past, predominately
through being linked to high
cholesterol and potential weight gain
due to their cholesterol and fat
content. Although the link has been
disproved much of the old and
incorrect information on severely
limiting eggs or avoiding the yolks is
still out there and still influencing
people's food choices.

In this article you'll learn that not only
are eggs a healthy food but that the
yolk is in fact the healthiest part of
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