Why Choose Organic Cotton Over Conventional?
by Doreen Carvotta
but it does not just stop at food and home products.

When it comes to organic fabrics, organic cotton is becoming one of the most
popular. In the US alone, acreage has increased by 9% in 2008 alone replenishing
and maintaining our soil fertility through the reduction of toxic and persistent
pesticides and fertilizer on the land. Statistics reveal that the ratio of farmland used
to grow cotton and the amount of harmful chemicals put into the crops is vastly

Convention Cotton is one of the most pesticide-laden crops in the world after coffee,
which represents 2.4% of all cultivated land, but utilizes 25% of the planet's
pesticides and 10% herbicide spraying. Approximately 1/3 of chemicals are used to
grown cotton for just one adult t-shirt.

In a recent study in 2009, "US Families Organic Attitudes & Beliefs Study, more
parents are choosing to buy organic products over conventional supermarket and
mass merchandisers. Even with the tightening of the current economic uncertainty,
the most significant spending changes parents are making relate to the foods they
eat" and now even more the clothes we wear.

The main reason parents are now opting to buy organic clothing and products has
been over the concern for the environment and their health. An adult's skin is not as
dense and is porous and quite capable of absorbing substances it meets, meaning
some of these unnatural chemicals have been know to cause cancer. More
frightening is we know a baby's skin is much more delicate and can absorb up to 15x
more substances than that of adult. This is especially a worry for infants, as their skin
is thinner and even more permeable than that of adults.

Conventional cotton is loaded with toxins; with this, chances are higher of toxins
being absorbed into their little bodies, causing possible detrimental issues to the
healthy development of their internal organs.

The difference is organic cotton is pure and grown using methods and material that
have a low impact on the environment and grown without the use of pesticides,
toxins and synthetic fibers. Our federal regulations prohibit the use of genetically
engineered deed for organic farming so all cotton sold as organic in the US must
meet strict federal regulations overran how cotton is grown So when you are buying
organic cotton products made in the US you are ensure of their value.

Not only is organic cotton better against our skin, we can also support our farmers
who are continually improving our land quality for our family's future. More clothing
companies are developing programs that either use 100 percent organically grown
cotton, and with some expanding the use of international and domestic organic
cotton, as we see the market increase in interest.

Therefore, the next time you go shopping, be on the lookout for organic products.
There are a large variety of online shops too that can offer you a great-looking,
natural organic products for yourself or a maybe cute, organic baby bodysuit and
blankets for your little one. You will feel great about wearing it, knowing you made
the right choice for your family and the environment.

About The Author

Doreen Carvotta is a grandmother of six and only buys only organic products. She is
also a qualified counselor and coach for youth
Organic Infant and Toddler Clothing, Bedding and Gifts
You have probably heard a lot about
the benefits of 'growing green'
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The 'organic' awareness is growing
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