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    Why Eating Paleo Foods Review by Every Nutrient

    Why Eating Paleo Foods Has Helped Thousands to Lose Weight

    • January 23, 2017 /
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    • By EveryNutrient

    Weight Loss and Paleo Diet Foods

    So – how many diets have you been a slave to?? How many of these have had positive results? Most importantly – if successful -how long did the weight stay off? AND even more importantly how many of these diets resulted in you experiencing extra vitality, superb health, general wellbeing and MAINTAINED WEIGHT LOSS?

    90% of diets require a severely restricted eating plan requiring calorie/kilojoule counting or alternatively, a container of powder food to consume as the weight supposedly melts away. For some, losing weight is a constant battle, however with Paleo foods weight loss is natural and comes as an added bonus to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

    Paleo food is grain and dairy (in all forms) FREE..

    As far as we know there were no obese, overweight, cholesterol affected cavemen. The reason for this being firstly the foods they were consuming were foraged and hunted for and secondly they were totally natural ie organic. The constant hunting and gathering resulted in regular exercise. Paleo foods available to the caveman were foods ‘created’ by mother nature for the maximum functionality of the human body

    You will notice initially when you set out on the Paleo diet there will be quite a sudden and substantial weight loss. Once you level out it will take a little more effort eg exercising regularly and adequately. The weight loss will be slightly slower but regular and you can be assured that it will be fat and not muscle that you are losing. So often we rush into a fad weight loss plan that promises substantial weight loss in the minimum time where in fact, yes, you will change size, but is it fat or is it muscle? You may think well weight loss is weight loss, however we need muscle tissue, excess fat is what we need to target and lose.

    Yes to a small degree calories need to be watched and portions to be reasonable. Excess fat to be trimmed from meat and skin removed from poultry.. Truth be told once you are on Paleo foods you will feel content and satisfied and those cravings for starchy, stodgy and sweet foods will be a thing of the past. You will find your eating habits and cravings being controlled naturally and you will be eating to live not living to eat.

    You may still experience some gnawing hunger pangs from time to time. There is no problem with that as mid-meal snacks are allowed BUT be sensible and choose foods from the Paleo foods list. By eating Paleo foods you are eating food designed by mother nature for the human body. Paleo foods digest and are metabolized more efficiently with the result you will find your energy level boosted, your immune system improved, you will feel happier and slimmer and walk with a spring in your step.

    In the caveman era, Paleo foods eaten were absolutely natural and wild – free of any contamination. Sourcing and buying fresher and more naturally produced food is what you will need to concentrate on. Most supermarkets are now stocking organic or free range products however should this not be the case in your town try and source local farmers’ markets – why not even attempt to grow some of the vegetables, fruits and herbs yourself.

    By following an organic or natural eating plan your body can primarily concentrate on metabolizing and processing food efficiently and not have to contend with the elimination of toxic chemicals that are not recognised and result in metabolism slowing down and thus weight loss may not occur at all could be minimal.

    All grains, dairy and root vegetables are excluded from the plan. Initially this may cause alarm, however you will soon learn that there is more than enough variety on the list to enjoy wholesome, nourishing and satisfying meals. See our 10 free recipes as proof of this.

    If maintained weight loss is your ultimate goal then Paleo foods is your path to success.

    Good luck, enjoy – you will not regret the change over to the Paleo foods way of living!!