Why Power Yoga is So Effective at Burning Fat and Building
by Dennis Francis

Power yoga combines strength, movement and mental focus to keep you in the
moment. It works effectively on many levels. There is the physical power generated
by the kinetic action; this develops the strength and endurance. There is the mental
power generated by the intense focus on breathing and balance. Last is the spiritual
power that drives the physical and mental effort with emotional force.

These three aspects to Power Yoga are designed to strengthen your entire body,
fortify your mental outlook and develop your will power. By working out at a
vigorous pace, you develop strength and flexibility with an emphasis on abs, back,
hips and pelvis. Our other section is called Soul of Strength which is a fast-moving
program with a distinctly different set of challenges.

Power yoga describes a vigorous, fitness-based approach to vinyasa-style yoga.
Most practices are closely modeled on the Ashtanga style of practice. The term
"power yoga" became popular in the mid 90's, when U.S. yoga teachers wanted to
make Ashtanga yoga to be user-friendly by American practitioners.

These classes can vary widely from teacher to teacher. However, it will most likely
appeal to people who are already quite fit, enjoy exercising, and want a minimal
amount of chanting and meditation with their yoga.

Power yoga is accessible through technology. It can be practiced in your own home
through use of videos and books. The first step is to create a personal working space
where you can stretch out comfortably without interruptions. You can also employ
soothing music or appropriate scents to augment your yoga workout. This is the
way to gain an understanding of yoga if you cannot make the studio.

To be a complete workout you need to do strength training as well as raise your
heart rate for an extended period. Power Yoga will build strength and raise your heart
rate enough to make it a viable form of all-around exercise.

If you plan to make Power Yoga your primary form of exercise for weight loss, you
must perform a daily 45 minute session six days a week or a vigorous 90-minute
yoga class at least three times a week. To reach your weight loss goals you need to
eat at least 6 small meals daily and consume calories below your daily requirement.

Maintain your consistency by performing at home on those days when you can't
make a studio class. Work out with a video or audio if you are a beginner. When you
are ready to plan your own workouts, use these yoga sequencing ideas to help you
come up with yoga sessions of varying lengths that will fit your schedule.

About The Author

Dennis Francis

Power Yoga is a great way to get stronger, boost your energy and lose the fat. For
more information on combating disease and getting fit with yoga, visit our website.
Power Yoga sounds so uniquely
American. We tend to want to do
everything quickly and we want
results now. This form of yoga was
developed to help people gain
physical strength and flexibility. Hatha
Yoga, which Power Yoga is derived, is
a challenging workout with athletic
movements that help you
energetically flow from one posture
to the next. The system provides a
challenge for both beginners and
advanced students alike. It's an
intense invigorating workout where
you can burn up to 800 calories in
one class!
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