Why is Vitamin C Important?
by: Steve Parker  
Vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid, maintains the ligaments, tendons, and other
supportive tissue. It is found in fruits and in potatoes. Because it’s an antioxidant it helps
regulate your blood cells, keeping blood cells from becoming deformed from the toxics
in the air, which in some cases can cause cancer.

The best function of vitamin C is the formation of collagen, a protein substance that
keeps the cell together. Vitamin C enhances the absorption of iron. It is needed for
buoyant health, vitality and endurance. It keeps your skin clear, with a fresh complexion
and healthy gums and teeth. It is very important for the functions of all glands and
organs. This vitamin maintains the bones and proper functioning of the adrenal and
thyroid glands. It promotes healing and protects against all forms of stress - physical and

So what happens if you don’t take enough vitamin c? If you become deficiency of
vitamin C you will have soft gums, skin haemorrhages, capillary weakness, deterioration
in collagen, anaemia, and slow healing of sores and wounds. You will see yourself aging
faster, thyroid insufficiency, and your resistance to all infections will be very low. Its
deficiency enhances the toxic effect of drugs and environmental poisons. Mild
deficiencies of vitamin C may appear in the form of lassitude, fatigue, anorexia,
muscular pain, and greater susceptibility to infection. Long deficiency may cause scurvy,
which is very dangerous.

Scurvy is a disease that results from insufficient intake of vitamin C. This can leads to
formation of livid spots on the skin, soft spongy gums and bleeding from mucous
membranes. A quote from Enchanted learning.com, “Many sailors on long trips got
scurvy, which at first debilitates and then kills the victim. When the cause of scurvy was
determined to be a dietary deficiency, limes and other foods high in vitamin C were
brought on long sea journeys, putting an end to the problem of scurvy. Bringing limes
aboard is why sailors used to be called "limeys."

You can find vitamin c in fruits and vegetables. But most food fall short or loose their
source when it is cooked. To get the full benefits you will have to eat fresh fruit and
vegetables. Taking vitamin c supplements is also another great way, taking a supplement
can help you get the require amount you need everyday.

About The Author

Steve Parker a specialist in health and fitness. Mr. Parker also is a freelance journalist
and partner of
, a website that offers dietary

This article was posted on February 27, 2006

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