Worried About Getting Prostate Cancer - Think Living Foods
by Helen Hecker
mcases occurs in Japanese men and those who do not eat meat who reach the age
of 80. Detected in its early stages, it can be effectively treated and cured. About 80
percent of men who reach the age of 80 have prostate cancer.

One of the most common symptoms is the inability to urinate, get checked right
away. There are other symptoms that may not be mentioned here. Most prostate
cancer symptoms, although associated with prostate cancer, are more likely to be
connected to non-cancerous conditions.

If you have one or more symptoms, you should see a qualified doctor as soon as
possible. If cancer is caught at its earliest stages, most men will not experience any
symptoms. The need to urinate frequently, especially at night is another symptom.

A prostate gland biopsy usually confirms the diagnosis. A bone scan can indicate
whether the cancer has spread or not. A chest x-ray may be done to see if there's a
spread of cancer.

There is a newer test called AMACR that is more sensitive than the PSA test for
determining the presence of prostate cancer. Urine or prostatic fluid cytology may
reveal unusual cells. CT scans may be done to see if the cancer has metastasized

What you can do now is begin to understand what exactly your treatment options
are and where you're going to begin. Besides hormonal drugs, hormone manipulation
may also be done by surgically removing the testes. Recent improvements in surgical
procedures have made complications occur less often.

Since prostate tumors require testosterone to grow, reducing the testosterone level
is used to prevent further growth and spread of the cancer. Surgery, radiation,
hormonal therapy and chemotherapy all have significant side effects; know fully what
they are before you proceed. Surgery, radiation therapy, and hormonal therapy can
interfere with libido on a temporary or permanent basis.

The conventional treatment of prostate cancer is often controversial. Medicines can
be used to adjust the levels of testosterone; called hormonal manipulation. Radiation
therapy to the prostate gland is either external or internal, both of which use
high-energy rays to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors.

Surgery, called a radical prostatectomy, removes the entire prostate gland and some
of the surrounding tissues. An oncologist, a cancer specialist, will usually recommend
treating with a single drug or a combination of drugs. Be aware that some men
chose natural treatment options and forgo any surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.

Make highly nutritious raw applesauce using a food processor and put in 3-4 cored
pesticide-free apples, with the skin on, and mix for a minute; so much better for you
than canned highly processed applesauce and add 1/4 tsp. cinnamon or two
tablespoons of freshly ground flaxseed for another boost. If you're not already doing
so, make a serious effort to watch your diet closely. For snacks, choose raw nuts
without salt instead of lifeless roasted nuts.

Make smoothies with fruit only, using a base of two bananas, adding a cup of frozen
or fresh blueberries and mango chunks or substitute any other fruit and add an
energy boost of two tablespoons of coconut oil; add one or two leaves of kale for
another highly nutritional boost. Making ginger tea, by adding a thin slice or two of
fresh gingerroot to hot water, is helpful to many people I know. Buy lacinato kale and
juice it in your juicer with sweet carrots.

Consider taking cod liver oil or fish oil supplements every day. Eat high-fiber snacks
like raw nuts (soak them overnight first), raw seeds, and dried fruit, such as dates,
and figs. Use flaxseed oil or walnut oil in your daily dark green salad.

The one thing that you should not do however is rely on information obtained from
the Internet to make your final decision; double-check everything. If you do choose
invasive conventional treatment, you can always change your diet and do
non-invasive natural treatments too. With the advent of PSA testing, most prostate
cancers are now found before they cause any symptoms.

About The Author

Helen Hecker

For more information on
and prostate cancer symptoms
go to
Helen Hecker R.N.'s website
specializing in prostate and prostate cancer tips, advice and resources, including
information on prostate tests and
Early prostate cancer is confined to
the prostate gland itself; most of the
patients with this type of cancer can
live for years without any problems.
Simply put, cancer that grows in the
prostate gland is called prostate
cancer. In most men, prostate cancer
grows very slowly; most men will
never even know they have the

Men at higher risk for prostate cancer
include African-American men older
than 60, farmers, tire plant workers,
painters, and men exposed to
cadmium; the lowest number of
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