You Can Start Juicing to Detoxify Your Body
by Bryan Elliot
bodily organs in their effort to keep you healthy. A fruit and vegetable juice detox diet
contains all the components of a typical fast. Namely, the fast last for a
pre-determined length of time. Also, no solid food is consumed during the fast. And,
also, you need to prep yourself mentally and physically before you fast as well as
plan to break the fast progressively and gently.

Some people have reported side effects when performing a strict water fast. They
can include light-headedness, fatigue and weakness, and even headaches. With a
juice fast naturally detox your body you can avoid these types of side effects. In fact,
on a fruit and vegetable juice fast, people usually experience greater levels of energy,
they report feeling more centered or grounded and have a greater sense of well

A juice detox diet can be performed for 3-5 days at a time without much difficulty.
You will want to make sure that you are planning on drinking only fresh juices. No
canned or bottled juices. While there are many packaged juices that are "organic"
and "all natural" a lot is lost in the processing and pasteurization of the juices. Many
of the enzymes are destroy if the juice is heated in any way and many of the
containers that the juice is stored in can leach into the juices. In addition, the longer
the juice stays on the shelf the less potency it has.

While you will also be drinking water during your fast, you will want to make sure that
you leave room for at least 4 8-12 ounce glasses of juice per day. You will want to
plan your day around your drinking of the juices. For this reason it might be best to
do your juice fast on a weekend or when you have a couple of days free. There are
two good reasons to do this over the weekend. First, you will need the time to
prepare the fresh juices when you are planning on drinking them. Don't let them sit
for a long time. And, second, your body will want to expend the energy from the
juice on cleansing itself, not doing your regular job.

There are many books on juicing to choose from. Some are easier to read than
others. All of them will have more than enough recipes for you to try. If you have
bought a juicer in the past, you probably received a book with that purchase.

So, in summary, juicing with fresh fruit and vegetable juices is an excellent way to
detoxify the body. It's simple, fun, and you won't have to worry about taking this pill
or taking any other special concoction. You can go to your local grocery store and
get exactly what you need. Also, the juice detox diet is only done for a short period
of time. 3-5 days at the most. Don't forget to drink water during the fast. And, when
you break the fast, you may just want to have a couple of light meals with whole
fruits to ease your recently cleansed digestive tract back into duty.

About The Author

Bryan Elliot is a health care professional with over 15 years experience. His expertise
encompasses exercise and fitness, diet and weight loss, personal growth and
empowerment, and movement science. In an effort to provide as many people as
possible with helpful information, he also contributes to several websites. To get
more information about
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Many people use the practice of
fasting to detoxify their bodies.
Traditionally, by definition, a fast is
the avoidance of any and all food
products and only water is consumed
during the course of the fast. Not
only do people use this practice to
cleanse the physical body, but the
spiritual body also. However, to
simply detoxify your body, you do
not have to go to such austere
lengths as this.

Juicing to detoxify the body is an
easy and fun way to practice a little
self discipline as well as support your
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