Your Liver - Hard at Work!
by Kevin Agrawal
detoxification center in your body but performs other important functions as well.

Are You Overtaxing Your Liver?

A healthy liver is able to filter about 540 gallons of blood a day, but when the liver is
overtaxed by too much alcohol consumption, smoking, saturated fats,
environmental pollution or too many foods that contain chemicals, the liver is not
able to filter all the blood that passes through it.

moking and excess alcohol consumption can heavily tax the liver. Smoking contains
more than 60 chemicals. It also weakens the capacity of red blood cells so that they
are not able to function fully in transporting oxygen through the blood stream to all
other organs.

The standard American diet can also put stress on the liver. Many fast foods contain
a lot of saturated fats and processed foods contain chemicals and preservatives.
Non-organic vegetables and fruits contain pesticides. The liver can become laden with
fat and is unable to function efficiently.

The liver cannot cope with the excess stress and can become overwhelmed. As a
result, toxins can build up in the body. The high levels of toxins in the body can lead
to the poor function of other organs in the body. Fatigue, acne, headaches, age
spots, excessive itching, poor immune health may be associated with poor liver

Considering the liver performs so many important functions, taking proper care of it
should be a priority!

Ways to Care for Your Liver

There are several ways to take care of your liver. Adopt a healthy lifestyle-avoid
excessive intake of saturated fats, alcohol and quit smoking. Eat plenty of fruits and
vegetables every day. Cut down on animal fats, caffeine, sugars and fried foods. In
addition to a healthy diet, several herbs and nutrients, in well-formulated liver
supplements, are popularly known and used to optimize the functions of the liver.

Liverol, a nutritional liver supplement for the liver, contains a well-formulated blend of
all the above nutrients and herbs. Stop taxing your liver, and give this hardworking
organ of your body a helping hand-modify your diet and start taking liver
supplements to support detoxification and healthy liver functions!

About The Author

Kevin Agrawal

New Vitality is a health supplements company. It develops supplement products like
which are carefully formulated under the guidance of an elite panel
comprised of renowned doctors, nutritionists, chemists and researchers. Whether
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The liver is the largest glandular organ
in the body and is responsible for the
healthy functions of just about every
other organ. Practically, everything
we eat and inhale goes through the
liver for purification. The liver also has
other important functions and it is
therefore necessary to make sure
that we are taking care of our liver. In
a healthy adult, the liver weighs about
3 lbs., about 6 inches thick and about
3.5 inches long.

What Does the Liver Do?

The liver basically works as the
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