Zeolite Powder and Zeolite Liquid - What Are The Differences?
by Shelley Penney
product was wildly popular for a time, and inevitably copy cat products started
popping up, with all kinds of different additives. Today there are many 'liquid zeolite'
products in dropper bottles.

The liquid zeolite products on the market are minute amounts of powdered zeolite
suspended in liquid, most often with humic or fulvic acid, but sometimes just water.

Companies are also starting to put things like DHQ (an anti-oxidant), chlorella (a sea
green), vitamins and other things in the liquid zeolite product in an effort to beef up
their offering and distinguish themselves from an ever growing crowd.

The liquids have their place... for example for children or pets who have trouble
swallowing the powder or capsules, but mostly these products have so very little
zeolite that it's going to take a lifetime and a large bank account to do any good.

Zeolite Powder

Zeolite powder has a particular advantage over the liquid products. Since all of the
studies used this form of zeolite in their studies, it is easy to prove the benefits, and
also to get the dosage used in the studies. The liquid forms have, for the most part,
tiny amounts of zeolite so it is nice to be able to get an effective amount easily in
one serving.

What is the Difference Between Zeolite Powder and Liquid?

Since zeolite liquid is really just small amounts of zeolite powder suspended in liquid,
it stands to reason that the choice comes down to price, convenience, and quality.
The liquid products are easy to take because you can simply drop them in water, or
juice, or even just squirt them into your mouth.

The powdered products are a little less convenient because you have to scoop some
out and mix with water before you take it. For people who find that time consuming,
or for children who won't drink a glass full of powder mixed in water the zeolite
powder is not the best choice, however for most people, this is the preferred method
of delivery.

Unclean zeolite doesn't work as well, because it is already pretty full of toxins. Some
people buy zeolite powder because they get a better price, but don't take into
account whether the product is properly processed for human consumption. There
are several companies who use commercial grade zeolite in their product, and then
do not clean it before packaging.

There is a company selling the powdered form of this mineral that has a mine that is
only used for supplements. It is an extremely clean zeolite starting out, because of
this. Then they clean their product using a cat-ion exchange, which results in a very
clean product.

One liquid company has made a name for themselves by insisting that they have the
only clean activated product, but in today's market, this is simply not true any more.

What is the Best Zeolite Product for Your Money?

If you don't mind scooping a powder into a glass and mixing in with water, my choice
is clean, micronized zeolite powder obtained from a mine dedicated only to
supplementation, and not for commercial purposes. I prefer pure zeolite powder.

About The Author

Shelley Penney is a retired registered nurse with a continued, insatiable thirst for
health and wellness information. Although Shelley hails from traditional medical
training, she is always searching for ways in which the natural world of healing herbs,
foods and supplements can intersect with traditional medicine and benefit us
all.Shelley has spent the last few years learning about
and providing zeolite
information to help people educate themselves on this subject.
When it comes to zeolite, I know
how badly people want and need a
good product that works. The
marketing unfortunately often
obscures the facts, and confuses
people unnecessarily. Most people
aren't scientists, and that makes it
incredibly difficult to cut through the
zeolite powder versus liquid zeolite
rhetoric and get to the facts.

There are a number of liquid zeolite
brands on the market today. Liquid
zeolite was made popular by the Multi
Level Marketing company with their
product Original Liquid Zeolite. The
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