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    Fish Oil Cancer Link Study

    Fish Oil Cancer Link Study – Could it Really Help Cancer Patients?

    This study that I uncovered which looked into fish oil cancer is a few years old now, but its findings are still important and relevant today and worth repeating. It found convincing data that fish oil supplements could make a difference in some patients.

    This study carried out in Britain, spent time looking at how it played a part in trying to prevent an aspect of the disease known as cachexia, a weight loss condition. This happens in advanced cases of this horrible disease, suppressing the patient’s appetite, and consequently their metabolism.

    The research seemed to conclude that fish oil supplements could be used very effectively at reversing such weight loss, which impacts on the quality of life of the patient.

    It’s also worth noting here that this particular fish oil cancer study looked at people who had cancers of the pancreas, two hundred of them divided into roughly two equal groups. Sufferers of this condition are more likely to encounter cachexia and experience gradual weight loss.

    So, over a period of 8 weeks they were given the omega 3 fatty acid fish oil, as part of an overall supplement high in protein, that also contained vitamins C and E. In case you’re wondering what dosage they used, it was equal to 2.2g of omega 3”s

    While both of the groups had been experiencing weight loss prior to taking up the study, by the end of it they had stopped losing weight. Interestingly enough, the group which had taken the overall supplement which contained the fish oils saw a gain in weight.

    This may seem like a much needed ray of hope but, sadly members of both groups lived for about the same length of time. Maybe what we can deduce from this is that the patient’s quality of life who were on the fish oils was much better.

    It’s crucial that much more extensive research needs to see if other types of cancers benefit from such an approach, and what fish oil can do for the rest of our bodily health.

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