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    Milk Kefir – The Elixir of Life

    Most people know that milk kefir could be the key to a healthy life because of its natural anti-oxidants and probiotics. People in the Caucasus region believed that health is wealth and considered kefir grains as a sign of one’s wealth. They protected their kefir grains and gave it importance.

    In our time, however, many have believed that kefir helps in preventing some cancers and digestive disorders. From the olden times, people use fermented cow, sheep, or goat’s milk to make their kefir. Astime passed, many ways have been added to the list. But using milk is still the best way to enjoy your kefir. Acquiring your own kefir is not that hard to do. A lot of milk kefir starters are available on health stores but you can also make your own at home.

    For your home-made milk kefir, you need kefir grains and of course, milk. In making this, we prefer pasteurized or raw milk. Mix them together and allow it to ferment at room temperature for 1-2 days. While this process is ongoing, the good bacteria and the natural yeasts are already breeding. This reacts with the milk’s lactose and causes the whole product to thicken and sour. This chemical reaction goes on so you better be careful because if you leave your kefir to ferment long, it will not taste as good.

    However, re-culturing your milk kefir is also essential. As the good bacteria and natural yeasts continue to breed, the product becomes healthier. Many scientific tests have proven that even if you leave your kefir for too long, no destructive bacteria will grow because the good bacteria destroys it as it continues to grow. Also, there has been no proven side-effect in taking kefir. Its probiotic content protects its brewing environment before protecting your body.

    Like all miracle foods, the good thing about milk kefir is that despite its simplicity, its benefits are almost endless. From preventing cancers to helping maintain good skin complexion, it’s a wonder how something so simple-looking becomes the key to healthy living.

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