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    A Look at the Benefits of Arctic Krill Oil

    A Look at the Benefits of Arctic Krill Oil

    There seems to be an emerging trend towards krill to supply Omega 3 fats. More and more evidence is showing that not only krill oil, but Antarctic krill oil is proving to be a better choice for Omega 3 supplementation rather than just fish oil. I am going to explain why:

    1. Ecological population issues
    There is simply not enough fish in the world to supply the population of the earth to supply animal based fats. Krill, however, can do it. It is the largest biomass in the world. There is no other species of animal that exceeds the massive quantities of krill.

    2. Strict regulations are in place regarding the harvesting of krill.
    The WWF and CCALR carefully watch over the gathering of krill. Krill fishing is kept to a small fraction of the total population. The harvesting of krill is kept to a minimum so this gathering could go on for centuries before any real damage can be done, so the population of krill is very maintainable.

    3. Its absorption is superior
    From a biochemical perspective, krill oil is a phospholipid, and because of this, the absorption is massively increased. Due to its superior absorption abilities, its penetration into important tissues, like the brain, is improved. The use of krill oil for neurological condition is far superior.

    There are 2 primary benefits for you to use krill oil:

    1. You can use less, because its absorption is superior.Rather than taking 1-5 grams of fish oil, you can get by with just 1 gram of krill because the absorption is so much higher.

    2. Absorption is directly into the blood stream.

    Because you are absorbing it directly into your blood stream, it does not ferment in your intestine giving you that belching and burping many people experience when they consume fish oil.

    Due to the fact that fats are highly perishable, they can be damaged through exposure to air.

    The antioxidant, astaxanthin, found in krill oil and not in normal fish oil, keeps the fats from spoiling and becoming rancid.

    Great, you have read how superior krill oil is to normal fish oil for Omega 3 supplementation, so what brand should you choose?

    Please note that I am going to tell you of a wonderful source offering krill supplementation. You are going to get the highest antioxidant value available due to its high levels of the antioxidant, astaxanthin.

    Additionally, to keep the krill protected, the krill supplement is encapsulated in what is called a “caplique”. A “caplique” is far more effective than a gel cap at sealing out the oxygen which can damage the krill oil. This method of encapsulation is far more expensive, but is more effective at sealing its contents.

    Your job is to make an intelligent choice and the information at this site is to help you in making an informed selection to benefit both you and your family.

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