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    Effect of Certain Foods on Acne

    Acne – The Effect of Certain Foods on Acne

    People with acne have heard it often. In fact, people who don’t suffer from acne have also heard it often…’don’t eat that, it will give you acne.’ We’ve been led to believe that certain foods cause acne outbreaks, and this is absolutely false information. While fried foods, chocolate, carbonated drinks, and pizza may not be healthy for you in other ways, these foods absolutely do not cause acne.

    While eating any certain foods does not cause acne, allergies to those foods actually can bring about what appears to be an acne breakout.This particular breakout is actually acne, but more importantly, it is an allergic reaction, which means that you can avoid future breakouts by avoiding the food that you are allergic to.

    Unfortunately, many people have food allergies that they are not aware of – even when symptoms such as acne breakouts are obvious. They instead contribute the symptom, such as the acne breakout, to something else…like stating that eating a certain food brings on acne breakouts in all people.

    People spend a lot of money annually on dermatologists and medications in an attempt to cure their acne. What most never consider is that their acne may be solely caused by an allergy to a specific food. The money spent with the dermatologist might be better spent first with an allergist, to determine whether or not any food allergies exist. If none exist, the next step should be the dermatologist.

    Other than actual allergies to foods, there is no food on the planet that causes acne. There is also no food on the planet that makes the acne you may already have worse. There are reportedly foods that can help to cure acne that you have, however, and these are orange colored foods that contain beta carotene.

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