ADHD Fish Oil - A Natural Treatment for Attention Deficit and
by Dan Pedersen
And there is some merit to this claim. Some kids may be more predisposed to ADHD
than others. But this doesn't explain why there has been such an explosion in the
past few decades.  

Many experts believe diet plays a huge role, and in my opinion, these experts are
onto something. Because our diets in the Western world have been deteriorating in
nutrient quality for quite some time.

The fish oil ADHD connection may be simply that fish oils, being one of the best
sources of omega 3 fats, helps to improve the level of vital nutrients we need for
optimal brain health.

Some people speculate that too much TV, too much sugar consumption, and other
such similar factors have created a huge boom in ADHD cases.

Perhaps they have.

However, in my opinion, and those of some very credible medical and naturopathic
doctors, the Western world is now highly deficient in omega 3 fats. There is now a
huge body of research that shows that youngsters with ADHD have much lower
blood levels of the most important omega 3 fats (DHA and EPA) than youngsters
who don't have ADHD.

Not only that, but the research also shows the benefits of supplementing with fish
oils rich in DHA and EPA (omega 3's) for children with ADHD.

What kind of benefits and improvements? I'm talking improvements in mental
function that translates into greater attention span, less hyperactivity, increases in
reading and spelling skills, better memory and reasoning.

This should not come as a surprise because more than half of the brain's weight is
made up of fats and much of that fats is of the omega 3 variety.

So what would you logically conclude if someone was deficient in these fats?

Decreased optimal brain functioning, that's what. And that can manifest itself in
numerous ways, like ADHD, and all of its associated symptoms.

This is not conclusive, but the evidence is too strong to ignore in my opinion. And a
lot of doctors seem to agree. That's why when it comes to ADHD fish oil, I am a
strong believer and have done my research.

That's also why I recommend you do yours and learn how to distinguish a quality fish
oil product from a poor one. I've scoured the web looking at hundreds of websites
and found one run by world class doctors all about the many roles omega 3 plays in
optimal health, including that of ADHD.

If anyone you know suffers from ADHD, do them and yourself a favor by educating
yourself and looking into the possibilities of purified fish oil supplements for improved
brain health.

About The Author

Dan Pedersen is a passionate proponent of preventative health care. He specializes in
educating the public about the numerous benefits of omega 3 fatty acids. Visit the
doctor run website
that Dan recommends after
researching thousands of health sites online.
What is the ADHD fish oil link? In this
article, you will get a concise
overview. ADHD (attention deficit
hyperactivity disorder) is a significant
problem in the Western world and
growing at an alarming rate.

The key question is: why is it growing
so quickly? What has changed in the
last twenty years that might account
for this growth in diagnosed
cases....and, more importantly, what
can be done?

Opinions vary widely on ADHD. Some
experts state it's just a genetic thing.
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