Are Stress and Heart Disease Linked?
by Rob D. Hawkins

Put plain and simply stress puts pressure on the heart. It makes it work harder than
it is would normally and exposes any weaknesses. Add this to the realization that the
heart loses pumping power over time and you now have a dangerous, and
potentially life threatening situation, for those over the age of 40. It is a lot like
driving an old car way too fast, way too often. Eventually what will happen is the
engine will stop working, and that is exactly what happens with stress and heart

Perhaps if our flight or flight stress mechanism kicked in just once in a while it would
be fine but when you think about how many times a day you feel anxiety, and couple
that with the fact that the heart beats 100.000 times a day, and pumps 1,800
gallons through your arteries and veins each day, all of the sudden it becomes
increasingly clear how stress and heart disease could be linked.

Stress basically just wears your heart out prematurely. There is also some evidence
to suggest that stress increases blood cholesterol levels which over time has the
potential to cause arteries to harden and arterial plaque deposits to form making the
hearts job even more difficult. It is safe to say that consistently asking your heart to
perform at such a high level will eventually result in irregular heart rhythms, heart
attack, or a stroke.

Is it stress that causes heart disease or heart disease that causes stress? At this
point no one really know but from my point of view the answer probably lies
somewhere in the middle. Nevertheless, one thing everyone agrees on is that finding
ways to cope with stress is only smart preventative medicine.

Coping with stress is not as complicated at one might first think but will require a
healthy dose of willpower, along with the willingness to make changes. I will pass on
a few I use in my daily life and hopefully you will find them useful.

*Daily exercise: When you are stressed you don't feel like exercising. But if you can
get up the willpower to take a 30 minute walk every day not only will you be
reducing stress but will be lowering your blood cholesterol levels and secreting feel
good endorphins that help you to relax.

*Learn to breath: Deep breathing helps get oxygen into your bloodstream and
eliminate toxins. When you feel stress coming on simply take ten deep breaths letting
each one out slowly through your mouth.

*Get enough sleep: Sleep is the body's way of resetting the deck chairs after a
stressful day. For every hour of sleep lost your chances of arterial calcification
increase by a third. So get your rest.

*Talk, talk, talk: Next to exercise there is no better way to relieve nervous tension
than through conversation, with women requiring about 2.5 times as many words a
men to feel relaxed.

*Medication: Stress and heart disease are both serious problems for which there are
many prescription medications available. There are also herbal remedies for anxiety
. Talk to your doctor to find the best
solution for your unique set of circumstances.

About The Author

Rob D. Hawkins is an enthusiastic advocate for the use of safe and effective high
quality alternative health products and natural living, with over 10 years experience in
the field. Learn more about natural remedies and natural health at
Could stress and heart disease be
linked? From a common sense point
of view it certainly makes a lot of
sense. After all stress is your body's
natural fight or flight mechanism
flooding the body with multiple stress
hormones including adrenaline and
cortisol. These hormones put
pressure on the heart and arteries,
causing the arteries to narrow and
the heart to beat faster. The fight or
flight mechanism also takes blood
away from non essential areas of the
body and forces it to the heart and
brain in an attempt to survive
whatever it has perceived as a threat.
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